HAER'S pick up's of smoking devices and more!

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    hello gc instead of making a new thread everytime i get somethin decided to make one i can keep uploadin..here is my recent pick up stemless blowin by 'NOAH' out of kansas city i think 7mm thick doughnut diffused sick dichro bowl.. [​IMG]
    MILK VID!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rOysuIBYKk]YouTube - 001.AVI[/ame]
    next up is some smoke i picked up 'top is sour skunk 2g's' bottom is 'blackcherry kush 1g' [​IMG]
    next up is my trusty fumed spoon. [​IMG]
    and last my grinder 4 piece CC.. [​IMG]
    so enjoy and TOKE ON GC!!!:smoke:
  2. Sick milkshot man....makes me want to go hit mine.:eek: Lovin' that bowl by the way, dichro is always niice.
  3. thanks for showin llove own a stemless?
  4. loving that spoon man, nice buds.
  5. Nice gear.
  6. thanks for showin love..:wave::smoking:
  7. thinkin about gettin a worked ash catcher or carbon adapter for my stemless wich would be best?:wave:
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  8. Depends what you are more worried about, your health (carbon adapter) or smoother tokes ( ashcatcher). Then add in the big price difference too since carbon adapters are cheaper.
  9. cant you stack up on both?
    carbon adapters or whatever are cheap
  10. its a tuff choice the caarbon would be smaller nd eaasier to clean but ashcatcher would add some flava to the inline
  11. get a carbon adapter with some dicro on an a/c
  12. Advantages to a carbon filter adapter-
    Reduces smell of exhaled smoke, keeps the rest of your glass cleaner then any amount of water diffusion/filtration, removes SOME of the bad stuff in smoke, and IMO gives better taste.

    The thing is that carbon/charcoal dust can be dangerous(black lung) if you don't wash and dry it properly before use. Just run water through it a bunch of times, let it soak in water for a while, rinse some more and just let it dry. Most importantly, make sure to do this all in a well ventilated area.

    Trust me, an activated carbon filter does a better job of cleaning up the smoke then an ashcatcher. I would reccomend a disk diffused carbon filter from SSFG so you don't need to mess with a glass screen.
  13. thanks for the feed back ima look on ssfg now.charcoal sounds kinda dangerouse lol.
  14. activated charcoal/carbon has such high surface area,,, 50 grams has enough SA to suposedly cover a football field! its super porous
  15. easy to clean?
  16. just toss it
    they have GIGANTIC bags of it for ~20 bucks at a pet shop
  17. already cleened off? just as good as the other stuff? also how long does each load last?
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    I'd say change the carbon after a gram goes through it.

    Rinse the carbon thoroughly in a well ventilated area BEFORE you use it, this is very important.
    Throw it out after about it's had about 1 g
  19. As cheap as it is you can change every session.
  20. thanks for the feed back is it safe to do inside if a house? rinse it off

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