Had Two Oxycodones

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  1. Hey, I had my first encounter with opiates today. I feel kind of bad about doing it, but this truly is only one time, and it is kind of a celebration because I just got back from Senior Week in Ocean City, MD, and it was the best week ever! I count today as part of it, so that's my excuse. Additionally, the Oxycodones were free, because my friend took me over to his friend's house, and he has a prescription, and he gave me two since I'd never tried it before. So I'm just like, "What the hell" and I took them, and now, at this very moment, I am feeling extremely good from them. It certainly is an interesting experience, but I would never buy these, and even if I was offered them free again I would not take them. I'm only a cannabis man, but when something free and relatively safe comes across (the danger with these is addiction, not any immediate destruction), why shouldn't I do it? Well, I think I will lie down and listen to some music, but this certianly has been and will be nice.
  2. Man, im feinding for some oxy right now :(
    Not addicted, i just love it so much. Im getting 12mg of hydromorphone on monday though, im pumped.
  3. Wait, you mean these?

  4. ....
    Dont make me smack you D:<

  5. The ones I had were circular. I can't believe I'm still feeling this, but he did say 4-6 hours. This is pretty crazy, but too long and tiring. I took a nap and I'm still oxy-tripping, which means just feeling alright.

  6. it's called nodding, lol
  7. what do tehy prescribe that stuff for

  8. that was mean kramer to all of us!*drools a little*

    well its a narcotic anasglic(sp?) so for severe pain mostly.
  9. Yeah, my friend had them prescribed for pain from a broken bone. He's been giving a lot of them out though, although his loose fingers benefited me and many others, ha. I basically got $30 worth of pills for free so I'm real happy about that.
  10. damn dude i get those for $1 a piece...you're talkin about the 512s right? percocet
  11. Down here, it's sold by the miligram.

    It gets nice and hefty sometimes.

    Hell, OC 80's tend to go 65, but if the game is being rough, they'll knock you at 80 to possibly 100.
  12. i used to get the 80s for $20 but I dude is either dead or in prison. they're $40 on the street, but every dealer on the block will do $35. come to san francisco...every one knows san francisco is about sex, love and drugs! thats how the city sucks people in...
  13. I gotta hit up one of them open air markets sometime. I haven't been to SF in a while I could probably find anything I wanted out at HP.

  14. where/whats HP? hunter point?

    and yeah im hitten that up next time i go into the city also.
  15. yeah, the point, just gotta watch your shit around there
  16. naw bro the city's a lot different than it used to be...you can't walk through HP anymore, same thang with sunnydale but fillmoe got a lot better than it used to be...but walkin down 3rd street alone is asking to get jacked, they do it in broad daylight, I got some friends that live out there - they always warn me to stay away if I'm gonna be alone, cause the cats out there don't give a fuck if you know someone there or not. The tenderloin is where ITS AT...pills, powder, hero'n, crack rock, ecstasy, bomb weed...shit they got hoes too
  17. I'm happy you guys have had such a good time talking about the drug-laden streets of San Francisco. As for prices, I'm positive these would have gone for more than $1 a pill. I don't remember the dose in milligrams but the instructions were to take 1-2 pills every four hours, so they had to be relatively strong.
  18. they were most likely 5mg percks..and you claim the two you took to be worth 30$$..

    nahh 10 dollas max and thats gettin ripped off.
  19. Fuck no man these were straight up high quality oxys. I don't know why I am getting defensive since I don't care, but I want the value of my free score to be as high as possible. Therefore, these probably would've actually gone for $50 on the street, so that means $100 worth of free-ness. See what you made me do? Started out with $30 but you just had to push it.
  20. Honestly dude, I bet you were just feeling a solid nod off of POSSIBLY 20 mgs.

    Even in my state where drug availability results in monopoly, you never spend more than a dollar a miligram.

    I don't think you're being correct in your evaluation, bro.

    Trust me.

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