Had to relocate, and my light cycle is messed up.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by toilofday, May 25, 2010.

  1. like the title says, I had to move everything and setup a temporary location.

    in the process the girls were exposed to diffused and a couple times direct room lighting a few times. (just your standard light bulbs)

    I was worried about that, but then on top of that the lights didn't kick on the next morning and wasn't found for 5 hours.

    So my plants just went through a 17 hour dark cycle after being moved an subjected to light in the previous dark cycle

    Is there anything I should do?

    Do I use the old light schedule and short todays lighting times, or do I used the new light schedule.

    soil ~ 30 days left till harvest
  2. *Bump

    Hey, not trying to be rude, but if you have anything to say at all, please do. I need ideas fairly fast.

    I don't have much time to spare, and whatever I do has to be implemented today.

  3. I would just get them on a light schedule again and keep it to that... how far into flowering are they? They have already been exposed to the light, nothing you can do about that now. Sometimes that little bit of stress can cause hermies, but not always, especially if its a hardy plant. Remember, it is a weed...:D
  4. 6.5 weeks out of 11

    I'm setting the schedule now. I think i'll move it back an hour to compensate for the moving and light exposure.

    pretty worried though. I don't know the stability. It's a new hybrid made from satori mandala and super crystal. so it's a first gen off 2 strains. One is very stable, the other has been around since 2004, so i'm sure it's been stabilized too.

    I can only hope the cross took those traits.

    thank you for your answer. Its helped.
  5. Well that far into flowering you might just end up with a hermie branch or 2. I'd try to minimize any more stress from now on though, plants are probably confused enough lol. I think you'll be fine... I've stressed the hell outta some plants and ended up with only 2 premie seeds. I'm sure it'll be smokeable nonetheless :D
  6. will it hermie anywhere? I've never actually a good picture of this.
  7. not sure what you mean 'anywhere'? For my plants that were hermied I didnt notice until harvest, thats how much of a difference it made... but I only know my experience...

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