Had to pay my ex girlfriends bail bond- should I expect or ask it back?

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    So I had to pay my ex girlfriends bail bond of $500. Couple of disclaimers here we dated for five years so it's not a fuck you and move on kind of thing, I have to still have humanity towards her. Another thing is that she's not a normal person, in regards to mental capability. She was born prematurely AND suffocated as a baby (drowned by her sister in sink at young age on accident) so she's not retarted, just alot simpler than other people. She speaks fluent Spanish etc and half decent english. She is also subject to not being able to control her stress i.e she has bad hyperventilation attacks when stressed out. So I guess my point is that I have pity and I want her to get out of there. 
    My question is, should I be asking for this $500 back? My grandfather says that when she goes to court they might give the $500 back? Is that true? If they don't should I ask her to pay me back?

  2. if she jumps bail you're going to be out more than $500 bro,
    Also, I would not expect the money back. You know what they
    say about assuming: it makes an ass out of you and me.
  3. Might vary by location but in my experience there's two ways to do bail. #1 you pay the full amount, after court yes, you get that back. #2, bail bonds, there you pay 10% and probably sign over something else for security just in case you skip, there you don't get the money back but they release the claim on the security when court is done. Depends on which one you did unless where you live it's different for some reason.
  4. Dude its your ex you shouldn't have paid her bail. If she goes to court from what I understand you should get it back. I hope you do
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    They'll be paying it in full.
  6. You should be in good shape as far as the money goes then. I hope your ex comes out of it ok too, the stress can't be good for her.
  7. It's only 500 mang. Let karma figure it out.
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    It's not man. I really like your personality/way of thinking no homo. You are very receptive to other people's feelings and just have a mellow "cloud" vide

    Only 500. Lol.
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  9. I really suck at dealing with people on a personal level so I know I come off badly at times, but I do try. I appreciate the thought :)
  10. Dude, you did a good deed, it'll come back in another form. Don't worry about money. Unless you have back rent...
  11. If your GF makes alot more money than you then it's fine to ask for the money back. If you make alot more money then consider it helping someone you care about.

    If you guys make the same amount you should have no problem paying for each others expenses. You're on the same team. You bail her out when things are tough. She bails you out when things are tough.

    After 5 years in a relationship you shouldn't have to worry that you're being cheated out of money by your girlfriend. You should be funneling your earnings where both people can dip into it when there's an emergency.
    OP said it was his ex girlfriend, not current girlfriend. Why would he funnel his earnings to where his ex girlfriend can dip into it? lmao
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  13. Oh if it's your ex then you should definitely ask for it back.

    But don't loan anything you're not willing to give away.
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    A good deed really isn't worth $500 to me. Maybe I'm frugal, but.
  15. i mean, if it were me i wouldn't ask for it back...but i'm too nice lol
  16. Usually you get bail money back once you actually show up for court, right?
    So it should be fine unless she decides to skip out on it. So it just depends how much you trust her
  17. No you don't get back the money you pay a bail bondsman.
    Had you paid the actual bail, which I assume as 5g's (based on the fact that you bonded $500) you would get that back if/when she appears.
    But what you've payed for is a bondsman to put up the 5k for you. The bondsman's take is the $500. you paid him. That's how he makes money.
    Regardless of her making her court date or not, you are out the $500. They will go after you for the full 5k if she skips out on court.
    So now you have that shit to deal with, making sure she checks in every day etc etc....
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  18. Already covered the bail vs bail bonds thing, he replied "They'll be paying it in full" so that doesn't seem to be an issue in this case. $500 was the full amount, not 10% of it.
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  19. And this is why humans can't take responsibility for their own actions anymore.
    Yeah I doubt you would get a 5 grand bail charge for misdemeanor domestic battery.

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