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  1. I have been 24hr. veging w/ a MH 1000w indoor for 4 1/2 months, I just put them under a 1000w hps indoor and it has been 6 days under the hps and light cycles of 12/12. BAD news I have been seen and last night I had to evacuate my grow room and I am safe so no worry. A kid was cutting through my gated yard and reported back to his father what he had (smelled) and I received a phone call from his father, mainly he asked if I delt and I said no, but he has already judge me for being such a BAD character, well he also works for the gov. My question is my light cycle was 8pm till 8am (night) Now I need to move these outdoor for I have no other alternative. Will they still remain in flowering or go back to grow untill the end of June, and will me changing the light from night to day have any adverse effects. This sure does not make for a good day.
    Please and Thanks- for all your help.
  2. depending on where you are located you should be fine. Even if its 8am-8pm if you move your plants outdoor they should be fine. This season i observed plants that were stated indoors and then move outdoors. the plants were placed under a 12/12 light for 3 weeks prior to going outdoor to start the sexing process and when moved outdoors 3 of them never reverted back to vegging. I would say your plants could go eiter way since your 12/12 has only been a week...
  3. That really sucks
    Did the kind actually see or just smell and just because he smelled it does that mean the father knows your growing

    thats a close call

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