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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by bookechu, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I had to put my plants in garbage bags because of apartment inspections. The plants were in this situation for about 13hrs. On the plants that were flowering all of the hairs are now brown, will they turn white again? I have super sour that is completely brown at 5wks.
  2. shitty situation i dont think pistils will come back... was the bag touching the plant.. cause that will cause the pistils to change early
  3. Yes,the bag came in contact with some of the buds but not all of them. Is it possible that new hairs will sprout?
  4. Ah....The joy of growing in an apartment...just pick up where you left off... Am sure they will grow more pistils if in early flowering and you will probably not even notice the difference when harvested.
  5. Don't worry about the 'hairs' (pistils). What you want is the plant to recover, which it will, and begin at its last stopping point and get the process going again. Those brown pistils don't mean anything to you in the sense of the health of the plant at this stage.

    Really, don't worry about it in the sense that you're gonna lose anything. These plant species are hardy mofo's and I'll tell ya what... it will take more than 13 hours tied up in a plastic bag to kill one ;)

    No biggie. Just pick back up and do your thing so she can do hers. She'll be fine :)
  6. This is the ET Super sour og that I am worried about. The leaves where perfectly green now they're yellowing...Definitely nice to know that they will pick back up..
  7. Any recommendations on what I can do to get these ladies back on track. I have some alfalfa that has been soaking, can I I give them that or would an act tea be better?
  8. Nothing man. Just put the plants back in their normal environment and move on with your life.

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