Had to chop ladies due to smidermites.. and got a few Q's..

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  1. Sorry if any of this is retardedly worded.. my a.d.d gives me a hard time when i attempt to think and type..

    Ok so this morning i had to kill all 5 of my girlfriends due to a Extremely rapid spidermite problem... This was my first time successfully growing from clones i took off a friends hands because he thought his grow room was infested.. lone behold.. about two weeks into having the plants i started to notice yellow dots on the leaves so i hopped on the good ole internet and found GC (a Very informative website) and started to look up spidermite remedies/soaps/pesticides and didnt find any that i thought would work..

    but in the end.. ended up buying Ed Rosenthals ZERO TOLERANCE pesticide specifically for smidermites.. followed directions and sprayed my ladies down n it seemed that I got rid of them... and that turned out to be a shitty time to celebrate...because they where still there.

    so i gave them another spray down..waited a day later and did it again... and thought man im in the clear now.. but fuck no... they where back just not as heavy.. so i figured i could get away with keeping them under control by just rubbing off any visable mites (hours of useless work btw so i wouldnt recommend this method unless you have a veeeerrryyy small problem..even then, wouldnt recommend it) and man was that another dumb idea..

    in past two weeks of my ladies lives.. the spidermites fucked like tomorrow wasnt coming and lastnight when i went to bed.. there wasnt ANY webs...this morning.. there was webs everywhere and like globs of mites.. and as pretty as the bud on the plants looked and smelt :( i cut them down n threw them away and in the process.. there was mites just crawling on the white plastic bag... so all the soil potters are in the garbage as well.. theres still boxes n random stuff in my closet that have mites crawling on them.. i plan on throwing it all away just for now im disgusted with my closet and dont even wanna open the door.. i plan smokin a couple bowls n preping some cleaning/disinfectent and i just had a few Q's... if any one could help with some constructive criticism... i would be very happy

    And now for my questions...
    1. since my closet is now infested.. what should i do to uninfest.
    2. is there a certain amount of time i should wait after disinfecting my closet to start growing again.
    3. is 78*-83*f and 50%-80% humidity like a perfect breeding ground for mites or what.. cause thats what my closet fluxuates between during the warm to cool hours

    Any help is appreciated.
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    the pics kinda old.. lost interest very fast ...about as fast as the spidermites..thats why i didnt have any recent pics
  3. You syre there was no way to save some bud?? Dry,cure, then "give away" to someone??:eek:

  4. I really wish there was my friend.. on one plant i counted about 25+ budsites and the tallest was about 2 1/2 foot tall..now im a new grower n all but that seems like alot.. maybe im wrong.. but there was bud everywhere.. thanks to advanced nutes (big bud, bud candy, iguana juice, and voodoo juice) there was just to many mites.. even crawling in the buds and on hairs and shit.. and it very easily made me loose interest in growing... but didnt scare me away.. in the end.. i couldnt smoke the stuff knowing there was mites/ eggs everywhere didnt seem like too good of a smoke... and i didnt wanna let other people smoke it n be like "Wtf was that...tasted like trash" and for them being my first plants.. i didnt want a end result like that.. coming into my first grow.. i wanted it to be a good experience.. thus being the reason i threw them away..
  5. Next time try ladybugs, they love eating spidermites. And they are a lot harder to hide from than a spray lol
  6. Woops stupid double post

  7. I actually found a nest of lady bugs in a friends attic, collected about 50 of them.. put them in my closet and was asuming the lady bugs where gonna roll the smitermites up in joints n smoke the fuck outta them.. nope woke up the next day and over half where dead due to landing on the lights n stuff.. is there a method to this or anything special?

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