Had to add some of my diluted "dirty" urine to a friends clean concentrated urine

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  1. Any advice or comments are welcome and much appreciated.... very stressed.

    I landed a job that required me to take a urine test at Concentra to be sent off to Quest Diagnostics. Here are the details of what i did: ps--> I had 11 days to prepare and have passed in 14 days using just my urine for a previous job years ago.

    My friend who is 100% sober gave me almost enough clean urine to fill the cup to the line that the lab technician drew on the urine collection cup, not being enough, i had to add some of my urine to bring it up to level. I had been drinking 8 glasses of water a day for 11 days up until the test and so my urine was almost like water and still is even now and its been since yesterday that i took the test. Her urine was super concentrated (dark yellow) as she had drank nothing but black coffee the morning of. I didn't have to add much but i did have to add some but again it was very diluted (almost as clear as water)... I also peed 3-5 times prior to having to add my urine with hers. I took an at home test from CVS wednesday night which was almost two days before the test at Concentra and it came back with the SLIGHTEST negative result. I just took another at home test from the Dollar Store and I got two negative results. The first was slightly negative and the second a strong negative.

    I am female, 122 lbs, 5'4'' and have a fast metabolism with a low BMI. Im not a heavy smoker but a daily one. I drank so much water i made myself sick in the days leading up to the test. Obviously not good but it had to be done.

    What do you guys think my chances of coming up negative for the lab test will be? I took the test yesterday and I'm not sure how long it takes for the results to be sent to the employer but considering todays tests came up negative i feel like i have a good chance.
  2. Good luck

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  3. Good luck. Can't be helped now...
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  4. It sounds like you'll be okay. Usually the lab can do with less than they want, you probably didn't need to add your own urine but there's sometimes that kind of tech who don't know their job that well or are on a power trip so you did good.
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  5. I’d say good luck too. Try not to stress over it, stressing won’t help. Drinking excessive water can help, but if you are a high metabolism person with low body fat ratio, and are active, you have a higher chance of the content leaving your body at a quicker pace than others. I’m not sure how much those urine tests cost, but if your money might be better vested in the flush formulas out there that mask your urine. But, some lab workers will deny a urine sample that is clear, saying it’s tampered and or modified. Certain vitamins will put color back in your urine, but that’s all for future reference. For now I’d say try to stay clean and wait for that phone call. That is all in my humble opinion
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  6. Haha right. Alot of new adults don't realize these "job titles" are actual humans, and some of them don't want to cause you harm, and others will go out of their way to fuck ya. And then some of course, it's just a job, and others practically live by the policy of the building they're in
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  7. I think I will be okay too, I’ve passed a test before doing the same but with 14 days instead of 11. Luckily the friends was super concentrated. I’m hoping that would further dilute anything in mine. I actually start tomorrow so no news the first week should be good news...
  8. If you're at work today then you passed.
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  9. Well I had the test pushed back a week from the time I was supposed to have taken it..so I took it the Friday before my start day, which was scheduled for today. I don’t think the results would be in this soon if I had the screening done Friday morning. Though, the HR woman started Having me fill out paperwork today so best case scenario is they either don’t care if it was positive or I passed. I’m giving it until next Monday before I let myself relax haha. It’s a big job opportunity so I’m pretty concerned about it as you can tell.
  10. The lab probably knew the results before you left.
  11. Very true. Its my 3rd day of work and I still haven’t heard anything. No news is good news to me. I’ll wait until Monday before I decide to partake again just to be 100% sure.
  12. Pretty sure I passed guys, thanks for the support. Never recommend doing what I did by the way
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