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Had the scariest time of my life while high. Has this happened to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aquafinia, Dec 10, 2013.

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    So I decided to smoke some and just chill out and listen to music but it was definitly far from that. I'm a girl and all but my tolerance isn't too bad I guess.
    I just smoked a bowl like I normally do and it was a much different high than I've ever had before but it was fine I liked it. The high started to wear off so I smoked another small bowl and everything started to change and got very scary.
    I was sitting at my computer just listening to music when I felt like I was going to throw up and the feeling wouldn't go away so I thought water would help. Everything was very blurry and the next thing I remember is collapsing to the ground in the middle of the kitchen floor. 
    I blacked out again, I guess you could call it that, and when I woke up I was hyperventilating in the middle of my kitchen trying to figure out why I couldn't move and where I was. I had this feeling that you get when you stand up too fast and everything gets dark and fuzzy for a little but much more intense and lasted until everything started to get back to normal. I tried to try to focus on just simply getting water but it was hard and when I tried to stand up to actually get a cup it felt like I was fighting this invisible force. I almost couldn't control my body because this force or pressure was so heavy.
    I managed to somehow get a cup and pour some water into it but once I took a drink everything got worse than it ever was. I'm pretty sure I actually passed out this time because all I remember after taking the drink of water is waking up on the floor with my bike that I had hanging in my kitchen area on top of me. 
    I don't know how long the bike was on top of me when I woke up but I know I didn't react immediately after it fell. I got up and rushed to my couch and laid down so I don't hurt myself anymore and just wait for the terrifying feeling to go away. I was going to fall asleep but I didn't know how hard the bike hit my head and I was afraid I might have had a concussion. So I just laid there until I felt more normal.
    When I look back on it I remember at one point in the kitchen it was like I was looking at myself as if I was somebody else in the kitchen, like an out of body experience. And the whole time it felt like I didn't have full control of my body like something else was controlling me. I've had that type of feeling while high before but never as intense and frightening just like a mild thing that it could still be enjoyable. 
    Has something like this happened to anyone else or do you know what might have caused this? Or was it just all in my head? It makes me afraid to smoke anymore I don't want this to happen again the whole experience made me feel different and I still don't feel the same. 
    I'm sure it was marijuana I trust my dealer very well.

  2. Um.. are you sure your marijuana was marijuana?
  3. Sounds like spice or some shit, wtf. Sorry this happened to you, though. 
  4. I'm not sure about the latter part, but the initial passing/blacking out could have been caused by low blood sugar. Make sure you have munchies when you toke up!
  5. i love how newbs first post is always some question about blacking out or if some bag of leafy shake is worth the 20 bucks they paid
  6. Did the weed come like shake or was it on a bud? It could have been spice, i've had friends that have smoked that shit and had similar reactions. Post a pic perhaps?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. I once smoked around 10 gravity bong rips of same random shit that I got from one of my old connect and it smelled bad but was really crystally for some reason and didnt have too much color to it, and after i smoked i got in the shower starting breathing weird and all of sudden my vision went black and I shut down, and collapsed on my shower floor and blacked out it was really scary, and everyone on here knows me very well, Ive been a very active member of this forum for years and I know my weed in and out so I know it was real weed... I have definitely felt this way before not bueno didnt enjoy it at all 
  8. sounds like low blood sugar, have had it happen to me a few times but i never actually passed out i know i how to stop it when it starts. 
  9. I've experienced the dizziness and pressure you described. I get nauseated when I smoke on too empty off a stomach and that's usually when I have to lie down and rest
  10. Usually happens during alien abductions. 
  11. Almost exact same thing happened to me when I smoked a few bowls in quick succession following a short T break.
    Only difference is I laid down when I started to black out, and remained conscious (but blind) for a few minutes. Heart rate was crazy.
    Its probably a combination of blood pressure issues(moving/getting up too quickly), tolerance, and doing it on an empty stomach. Never thought about it, but when it happened to me I hadn't eaten for 8 hours.
  12. The passing out could be due to high-low blood pressure. I forget which ones which lol but if you had been dehydrated you could pass out. Happened to me once and I didn't know what happen. The out of body experience is also called depersonalization and could be a result of whatever you smoked or due to the stress you had at that point.
  13. The fuzziness you had when you got up is called a Head Rush; or Orthostatic Hypotension. 

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