Had the most intense mj experience in my life

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  1. So I was toking late at night as usual before bed. I finish my j then go to bed right when it stars to rain. It was all quiet,I could hear my heartbeat. Suddenly, I start to hear some different beat,with deeply awesome effects like an amazing music.
    Guys, I fuckin hate electronic music. But dammit, it was the best electronic music I have ever had.
    I just closed my eyes and fell asleep listening to the most beautiful and intense beat ever!
    Have you guys ever experienced something like that??

  2. Yes, once. It was a Saturday morning and I was feeling a little frisky. So, I went and grabbed a bottle of baby oil and undressed myself. I proceeded to lather up every inch of my body with the baby oil. Then, I grabbed a bag of flour. I threw the contents of the flour onto the kitchen floor. I fell to the floor and rolled my body into the flour making sure that every inch of my body was covered in flour.
         Then I opened the door of my gas oven and climbed inside after turning on the gas, and closed the door. After a few minutes I began to experience the exact same experience that you described OP. Then, my mom ran into the room screaming and pulled me out of the oven.
    Come to think of it...my experience probably came about from inhaling natural gas fumes. Nevermind...
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^ lmao wtf xD
    wait, your experience from inhaling natural gas started when you turned on the oven.
    so what were you on before that when you oiled and powdered yourself with flour rolling around on the floor? sounds like some bath salt stuff.
  5. Yeh man I have. So whenever I'm lying in bed, in the silence, I can always hear a ringing in my ears. If I concentrate on it, it becomes louder.
    So one night I smoke like.. 2 bowls? Idek but I was pretty high (rookie smoker back then) and I laid down in bed to go to sleep. I hear the ringing and, naturally, concentrate on it. Next thing I know I'm hearing this whole mix of beats, it was crazy, they sounded so good and, same as OP, I hate electronic but this shit sounded amazing!
    If only I could remember it now.

    We call him Chief Kief now
  6. I think I know what you mean, when i'm stoned and I think of made up songs in my head they play out so vividly in my imagination its like listening to them through a stereo 
  7. Yes I've had the same auditory hallucinations, lol. One time I was at my folks, after a snow, sitting out in the backyard. Sun shining, snow reflecting, just a beautiful afternoon. 
    Reports were that a cougar had been seen in the canyon area they share with other neighbors around the rim of it. As I'm listening, all the dogs are barking in a synchronized pattern. One neighbors dog would be barking towards the canyon and then as if something was lurking along in the canyon, the next door dog would begin and then the next. Each neighbors dog(s) barking in order around the canyon. It was weird listening to them and then listening to the stuff going on in my head.
    I was certain there was a large cougar lurking just on the other side of my parents 4.5' chain link fence. 

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