had surgery need info on pills

Discussion in 'General' started by Hubert, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. had surgery on my ear. not really that serious. surgey only lasted about 30 min. after i woke up the gave me some antibiotics and 20 roxicet tablets of 5mg. they are the same as percocet, i think. the pain isnt that bad so i probably wont take all of them. how much could i sell them for or what else do you suggest i do with them. also whats a good website i could go to to find out about them?

  2. Roxicet is the generic form of tylox. They contain 5mg of oxycodone with 650mg of tylenol. The only difference in a roxicet/tylox and a perc is that percs only have 500mg of tylenol in them. Ususally around here, the prices on them are outrageous.......roxicets or tyloxs go for about 10 dollars a piece. Whereas percocets can range from 4-6 dollars on the street so they are the better deal because they are cheaper plus they don't have as much tylenol in them. But those are for the people that like to snort pills and they are cheaper than oxycontins.

    *******My personal opionion on why roxicets/tyloxs are more expensive is because the roxicets are already crushed for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    But remember that prices vary depending on when you are from!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sound like ya got some cool pills there.
  4. there is more tylenol/acetominophen in these than percocets. so what happens if i have a beer or two after taking one 5mg tab? i know it will fuck me up (whats that like?), but will it fuck up my liver bad? i probably wont sell em i might just give em to a friend who smokes me up alot and is really into drugs and shit. whats a good website i can go to to find out how much i can take without hurting my self? i took two about 4 hours ago and it gave me a fairly strong buzz that lasted for about and hour.

    the funny thing is after my surgey i wasnt even in pain but i told the nurse i was in alot so i could get some cool painkillers. it worked like a charm. i still have 15 5mg tabs left too. woooopppppeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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