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Had some recent realizations while high

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by yun444g, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. So I dated a girl in college for quite a while. While we got along well and I found her super attractive, I ultimately broke up with her for a few reasons. I think the biggest reason was that I just didn't *feel* like we were meant to be forever. However, there were a couple other reasons too....

    So recently when I got pretty high from some edibles, I got to thinking about her. Like I said, she was super attractive and we had a ton of great moments together, but when I got to REALLY thinking about her while feeling absolutely zooted, she seemed kinda.... gross. It's like all of her overbearing and CLINGY features got brought to the limelight, and suddenly she no longer seemed sexually appealing to me. Almost like any contact with her, in my mind, almost felt like a violation of my space.

    It also made me think about sex in a way more big-picture way. It made me think damn, isn't all of sex sort of a violation of peoples' personal space?? Of course I don't feel this way while sober but that's TOTALLY what I thought of. It made sex in general just feel super unappealing and not fun.

    Idk. I guess all I'm trying to say is, has anyone else had this sort of realization before? Not about their ex necessarily but just about sex I guess. It's so weird, it's almost like thinking about it reminded me of how I felt about sex when I was much younger, just this weird, foreign, gross activity.
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  2. Yeah I come up with some real doozies of thoughts when I'm high but tend to forget to write them down.
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  3. Sorry, can't relate.
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