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Had my plants stolen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by outdoor budking, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Okay I have had my plants in this one area for 3months. And I went checked them last week and they were doing good. I didn't check them for a month. Then I went to go water them today and my plants were gone and so was my tools. But they left my cups that I started them in and also left the empty bag of potting soil. So I don't know if it was the cops or someone stole them. No one knew about them
  2. It wouldn't have been the cops. But I'm sincerely sorry man. What strain where they?
  3. I take it you planted them in a public place? It may have been a secluded spot but someone is bound to run into them at some point no matter where they're planted!

    And as the dude above me said, sorry man.
  4. That's a shitty feeling :/ Guess it's indoor next time...
  5. you have to make sure you hide them extremely good and if its outdoor really close together, if theyre spread out rippers will smell them more easily and will go looking, better luck next year
  6. Bastards. Better luck next time.
  7. Sorry dude I didn't relize they may have belonged to someone.

    Seriously tho I am sorry to hear that.
  8. Faaaarrrrrrrrkkkkkeeeeeeeennnnnn, that is a bummer dude. I'd like to think that if anyone from GC stumbled across such a setting, they would leave them be (or just take a few buds if budding had begun). Karma y'all!

    Shit like this is the exact reason I am leaning towards a little cupboard set-up as opposed to the outdoor grow I was initially planning...
  9. Maybe you trused someone and they took them?
  10. Losing a few plants to rippers is frequently the cost of growing outside. Now you understand why most experienced outdoor growers use multiple locations.

    Better luck next time.
  11. my condolences. always keep any guerilla grow very unnoticable, plant them in the ground in the pots and camoflage them well, you said you had a bag of soil, cups and tools...that is what most likely gave them away...if ppl cant see it they cant take it. and you may want to change your username after this post.
  12. Damn that sucks dude. I feel for you. I would never grow out in a public place though. Seems like they always get stolen that way.
  13. Dbags, don't trust the public, too many asshats.
  14. wow that sucks, how many plants did you have? jeez, if somebody is gonna steal from them pick a few buds don't rip up entire fucking plants.

    stupid asses, because they took them out of the ground/cups/whatever they're most likely going to die anyway.
  15. Damn cuh sorry to hear that, better luck next time. Safe travels.
  16. If I ever found some plants, I'd leave my number asking if I could be the first buyer. :) But that really sucks man. People can be dicks.
  17. Well my tools and shit was in a camouflaged bag. But I think the person property they were on he found them. Because no one ever go anywhere near there. I think the dude was walking through the woods and smelt them. But hopefully next year I can grow more somewhere else. At least I know I can grow plants.
  18. i have yor plants -if you u ever want to see them again put 94 dollars of unmarked bills
    in a black breifcase and leave it where i took your plants, i will cut off one bud for everyday without payment-time is running out!

    -the budnapper

    p.s this is defently not its me dave man
  19. Plant 2 in different areas, all over. Look for green, other green plants blend them well and infared cameras pick up that and the police thinks it's a fern or whatever.
  20. That sux man. Really really sux. Sorry to hear it.

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