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had my fix

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, well went fishing yesterday and had a great time. Went down to my fav fishing hole (you know where) and caught a couple Searun Cutthroat or Yellow Bellies which they get when they come back to the freshwater after being in the ocean.

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  2. HIGH All, Drina I think had more fun than anyone.

    You can barely see her but she's in the river. I throw the stick down to the river from a couple hundred meters up. She's a little to the left of the tree in the foreground.

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  3. Damnit Unoit. I have fishing feaver so bad and here you are making it worse.. I am going down to the lake today and catch some crappie, I hope!

    Looking good my friend. Enjoy the catch.
  4. HIGH All, after a couple of runs up and down she dog tired.

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  5. HIGH All, *LOL* that's why I do it my friend. Have to get everybody into fishing mode.

    Here WoodBug enjoys the walk back up (Not).

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  6. HIGH All, *LOL* here he is trying to get his walking stick...hoping he doesn't fall back down and have to walk back up again *LOL*.

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  7. HIGH All, here is the river where we walk down to.

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  8. HIGH All, can you see Drina she's just a givin' her up the sand bank.

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  9. HIGH All, to top it All O.F.F.F. we went to one of the local lakes and sat and yes...sucked up the sun...pee'd me O.F.F.F. I wasn't wearing my shorts...oh well the upper body loved it.

    Drina probably wishing we were in the canoe.

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  10. Great pics my friend. Ya'll have a nice place to fish.

    I wish I was there !
  11. HIGH All, anytime your in my neck of the woods your more than welcomed to come fishing. I love to get some of you up here.
  12. Hey looks like the place for a vacation.

    How hard is it to get across the boarde? lol

    I have been to lake Erie bass fishing. Its a beautifull place as well!
  13. HIGH All, oh ya it's the place for a vacation All right. You Americans have it good up here with the dollar sitting where it been for some time and the GST (Goods and Service Tax) that you pay while here get reimbursed for it when back in your Homeland. You should see the American plates from All over your Great Land hitting the Island...them and their BIG boats being towed by those beautiful bus RVs that have some of the coolest paint schemes I ever seen. You have one of those Bud Head.

    The border no problem as long as your not a criminal*LOL* Leave the weed at home I'll supply.

    Oh the river we fished in is a Catch and Release trout river, which we have no problem Releasing.
  14. thanks brotha.....i need that. :D

  15. When is the best time to come up. I'd like to take some time and do some serious fishing.

    We have cameras so catch and release is A-OK. Even better with the Cannibus as a relaxer! LOL

    Highya you want me to pick you up on the way?
  16. HIGH All, well hurry up and get up here then HIGHa.
  17. Hahahaha we posted at the same time! lol
  18. HIGH All, well that's what they say Bud Head "Great Minds Think A Like".

  19. you better or ill be really, really mad at you! :)

  20. I will remeber to pick you up. I don't want you mad at me.

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