had my first shroom trip last night.

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  1. it was fuckin intense...i spent 6 hours watching european dj's on youtube.


    it was amazing. i felt so connected to the music. and the European lifestyle.
    all in all it was fuckin sweet.

    not many color changes except when i focused on something the area around it changed tints of purple and yellow and green. DIDN"T THROW UP! and had an amazing trip. better than i could have ever asked for.
  2. Nice my man,very happy to hear you enjoyed the trip of what sound's like many to come.How many gram's did you take?
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    You spent your entire shroom trip on YouTube?
    While I'm glad you had an amazing trip, I'd have to say I could never do that.
    I can't stay inside for more than an hour on shrooms... nature is where it's at man.
    And if I am inside, I'm playing with my cats and dogs, and looking at the trippy art my brother drew back when he was in high school.

    Edit: I lied. I did spend 4 hours of a 6 hour trip indoors last month. But that whole situation was... off.
  4. I walked around my neighborhood barefoot when I did shrooms. Inside scared me.
  5. That's how my second shroom trip was. They couldn't get me to go into the house once.
    It was at a friend's new house, and they'd live there for a couple weeks already, but it felt so... unlived in and vacant. If you know what I mean.
    It just scared me.
  6. 2g. it was nice.:hippie:

    and yeah i spent it on youtube cuz i still live with the rents (senior year of high school)
    so they were alseep and i was in my sanctuary haha

    i would probably have a bad trip outside...especially at night...i get spooked enough sober.

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