Had my first partial Outer body experience or lucid dream

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  1. I've been trying to have both for months now and yesterday it finally happened.I was woken up by my nephew telling me to lock the door behind him because he was going to school. It was 7:00 and fairly light outside. I go to lay back down and it happens. I'm laying down looking at a poster of the NYC skyline on my ceiling.Let's stop right there.There's no such poster in my house. And in my dream it was still dark. Also I was laying down the opposite way that I usually sleep. Almost like a polar universe. Besides these things it all felt like real life.I cuff my hands around my eyes so I can only see the poster and focus. Next thing I know I'm on one of the rooftops pov style looking at what I would've seen on the poster. I could hear the city and feel the wind. I was quite suspicious but it hadn't clicked yet. When I stopped focusing I was back in my bed. It was really hard to stay there. Next time I got to the roof I focused on a small window in one of the buildings and my vision zoomed in on it. I was now watching myself in the window looking around my point of view was still on the rooftop. It finally clicked that it wasn't real and I was back In my bed again. I immediately got excited and thought to myself "it's happening". I calmed myself down and took deep breaths trying not to wake up while hearing what sounded like strong wind in my ears. I started to float off of my bed. My body never changed position it just rose. I felt like I was about to take off in a rocket ship the pressure was so real. Loud noises, slowly rising towards the ceiling. Right before I hit the ceiling I got excited and woke up,FUCK
  2. Lucid dreams are always a lot of fun, especially when you get experienced at inducing them. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome time though, keep it up!Personally, In order to have a lucid dream I would sleep in all of my clothes under or on top of the blankets, usually with shoes on. Sometimes I even have a jacket and beanie, which surprisingly stays on my head some nights.Sent from my LG-D500 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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