Had my first lucid dream last night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheLastRebel, Nov 9, 2013.

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  1. Fellow blades I must say it was awesomely strange.

    The whole thing took place in like this massive air ship, it was decorated with like awesomely colored walls and shit.

    Anyway it was just awesome for the most part, walking around this epic airship doing random shit.

    Then it really took an odd turn, there was this hot Italian chick from my class there, and we slipped into a side room to fuck, which we did it was awesome, I could control and feel everything, but than all of a sudden this 1940s esque looking guy bursts in and kicks me off the airship, the troubling part is that on the ground it was all burnt out and destroyed, much more depressing then the airship. Thats when I woke up.

    Over all I say a pretty awesome experience, it lasted what felt like hours too.

    Feel free to share some lucid or epic dreams you have had.

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  2. Closest i have came to a lucid dream is sleep paralysis which fucking sucks and is really scary.
  3. Had that once... not fun at all... I always worry it will happen again

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  4. Ive had a few lucid dreams now and everytime i have one the next day i have a smile on my face for the whole day
  5. I've been sort've trying to lucid dream and I was thinking once I do it it would be so awesome to lucid dream while high.

    Also for anyone that's lucid dreamed, what happens if you try to smoke while lucid dreaming? Do you get high?
  6. I never even thought of doing that :/

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  7. It's a weird sort of high. Like you know you are smoking, so there's some temporary enlightenment, but the dream itself is already an enlightenment, so its just a stacked enlightenment..
    This shit's so hard to explain, like any other dream-related occurrence.

    For the FIRST TIME though, I was able to "taste" something within a lucid dream. I've been able to "feel" and "smell" but never "taste".
    Most my dreams are about smoking weed, (haha  :bongin: ), but this time I was at some local cannabis cup or contest, and I was able to try the winning entry that was some Grape Ape wax!
    Heated up the nail, and dabbed that shit, and to my amazement I could taste it, which brought an instant smile to my face.

    Meditation, previous psychedelic use, and weed has really contributed to my understanding of lucid dreaming.
    I also take melatonin every night, sometimes valerian root as well.

    Lucid dreaming's awesome to say the least.  :metal:
  8. Ya that's what I kindve figured. What about smoking before you sleep? Or is it hard to lucid dream like that?
  9. I smoke all day everyday, but on the days that I smoke a large amount more than the last day, I'll have a greater chance of lucid dreaming on that specific day.

    I don't remember my dreams every night, but every dream I do remember I am able to lucid dream in and clearly know what happened the first 5 minutes I wake up.
    If I don't take a conscious note of the dream right after I wake up, it starts to fade after those 5 minutes. But I try to take note of every dream i remember and learn and understand the meaning of it throughout the day.
  10. Is that where you're dreaming but like eyes are open and part of your brain is awake and you think its real?? I had that one time a few years back, I thought I was wide awake and had never heard about it b4 so it was extra freaky. I look above my bed and there's a huge guy in a black coat standing there and I couldn't move a muscle but I was awake and he reached down and started pressing his hands on my neck choking me and eventually I closed my eyes for a few seconds then he was gone and I could move again. I literally thought somebody broke into my house until I looked the shit up online the next day.
  11. Taking melatonin daily is bad for you a study says, just sayin.
  12. Its not very fun is it :/
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  13. Lucid dreaming sounds amazing, I think I've come somewhat close to it a couple times but never achieved full lucidity.. I wish I could
  14. Lucky you.  I have crazy movie-like dreams when I don't smoke, but when I smoke I don't dream.  I sleep like a rock.  For the past 2 years, I've smoked daily.
    But, I haven't smoked in about a week, and lately it's been insanely real zombie apocalypse dreams.  If I wake up and go right back to sleep, it will continue right where it left off.  Crazy.  I guess it's not a nightmare if you enjoy it though..
    If I smoke in my dreams, I will get stoned, and that feels real too. :)
  15. i struggle to make it past sleep paralysis...its like ok im here..now what. i mean its weird, lie still, go to sleep, open your eyes, REALIZE your asleep but keep dreaming. sheeeit, mane.
  16. Yes you do. Recently I went to Mexico to visit some family an didn't have weed for a first ever 11 day t-break. I had a dream where I blazed it with some friends and it definitely felt like I got high 😙💨💨💨

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  17. It was pretty intense, I thought it was real because I never heard of it before. I got up and stayed awake for the rest of the night
  18. god damn, that much control and its your first lucid dream, lucky you. I'm no where close o that and iv'e become aware easily more than 10 time since i started trying about a year ao
  19. :confused_2:
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