Had my faith in humanity seriously shaken...

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  1. I was waiting for my bus home from work today, and the bus stop is on a reasonably busy road next to a pedestrian crossing. I was just chilling, waiting for the bus in the freezing cold London night listening to my Ipod when I see this woman walk out into the crossing without looking either way (idiot I know...), she must've been in a hurry or something, but yeah so this white van hits her going at like 30mph, not very fast but still enough to knock her off her feet and sent her back a fair distance, it looked fucking awful and it was right in front of me.

    Now this is what shook my faith, I immediately get up and go over to her (thinking that everyone else at my bus stop or in the traffic jam which was forming on that one lane would do the same thing), none of her limbs were bent weirdly or anything (I know nothing about first aid or medicine) and she was conscious but she was cut pretty badly from the pavement and she was obviously in a lot of pain. I get over to her, ask if she needs an ambulance, she says yes (dumb question I know...), then as I get my phone out I look around and no one else apart from the guy who hit her and me had even bothered to come over to her. There were a couple kinda looking vacantly and a few staring, but then people started fucking beeping their horns at the van driver...WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO!!!! But yeah, so we pulled her off the street and I called an ambulance while the van driver went to move his van because there was lots of traffic stuck behind him. It came pretty fast and when the paramedics arrived I got out the way and went home, and here I am now...

    Just made me sick, why the fuck didn't anyone do anything? At least he didn't drive away. I probably sound as though i'm trying to cover myself in glory or something, but genuinely, wouldn't all you guys come over to help her out? I just couldn't believe no one else on a busy London street in rush hour would bother at least checking if she needed a hand...?

    Sorry, just needed to vent...
  2. Shitty shitty people. And I no it's not about glory on your part. You just did what any person would want you to do for them.

    Just imagine if one those heartless people had gotten hit and NO ONE came to their aid. They would be belly aching that " no one wanted to help they all just sat there and watched, then people started honking"

    hypocrites :rolleyes:
  3. That is not normal. I have seen the good of people before. It seems like busy citys are so disconnected from each other and so wrapped up in what they are doing that they forget about everyone else. Either way feel proud you did what you did, At least you came to help and werent just stareing at her thinking well look at that.
  4. so that's why i was late for my poker tournament. ahh well, next time i guess i'll just have to beep louder
  5. I suppose they were all just trying to get home, and it was really cold tonight. Still though, doesn't really explain it. You're definitely right about the big cities man, everyone's always in such a hurry they can't stop to be polite...
  6. I don't have much faith left for humanity at all. I can't watch the news without getting upset and even the people here in my small hometown are becoming cold and uncaring. It sucks. People suck.
  7. Its the bystander effect...

    People think someone else is going to help them, so they don't do anything...it happens all the time
  8. Something like this happened to me. I was walking to school when a small car and a huge truck collided. The truck turned over on it's side and the two guys were trapped inside. I climbed up and opened the door and they got out. Then, I went to the small car. The woman had already gotten out and was laid out on the street. I put my coat under her head and looked around for someone to call 911. No one cared. I had to walk to a friend's house to have her mom call 911
  9. People too busy living their lives minding their own business. You can't ask anyone to care, because most don't. Was it not on this forum that they linked the little girl whom 30 people past her by with her guts on the road after a car accident. Another car even crushed her legs afterward! Lets not get started on the heel kitten. Humanity is as it should be. God made us in our flaws and wants most people to be assholes. :smoke:

    (if you believe in that sort of thing)
  10. I believe people are becoming less and less caring. Idk what the cause is but people just dont care for their fellow humans. Thats why i love GC! I can always rely on my fellow blades to help when im down, but most other people i cant even talk to.
    also, i think people just dont want to get caught up in anything that might make them liable to get sued. People care more about money than eachother these days. Its sickening :angry:

  11. That's what i was gonna say Haha
  12. i've noticed that too, whenever i see somone broke down on the side of the road i always stop and see if they need any help. or in winter here i have a SUV so i always pull people out of ditches if i drive by somone stuck in one. just cuz if i ever end up in that situation i hope somone would stop and ask me =D
  13. yuuuup, proven psychological theory. People have watched through whole rapes assuming someone would intervene/call the cops... and thats RAPE. Getting it by a car is nothing compared.

    In fact i was hit by a car last year on my bicycle, and no one from the bus stop (literally less then 5 meters away) came to help. They all seemed very interested, most of them didnt stop staring for 1 second, but i guess waiting for the bus was more important.

    the worst part is this sexy blonde got out of her car (behind the one that hit me) and asked if i wanted a ride anywhere... i was so rattled/shaken up i politely said no. Dumbest moment of my life :p
    ... not too mention i rode my bike numerous kilometers afterwards to go pick up a half ounce hahaha

    EDIT: forgot to say good job OP, the only thing you have control over is your own actions. Keep setting good examples and maybe more will catch on.
  14. Humanity is all a construct. Didn't you know?

    But good on OP for helping. It's not about glory...it's about feeling good about yourself. And you can if you react the way OP did ^_^
  15. You gotta be kidding me
  16. People nowadays are so socially retarded and awkward that they'll do anything to avoid an uncomfortable situation. It's like their awkwardness hinders their ability to function as a normal human being.
  17. This is the example that popped into my mind:

    The case of Kitty Genovese is often cited as an example of the "bystander effect". It is also the case that originally stimulated social psychological research in this area. Genovese, 28 years old, was stabbed to death on March 13, 1964, on her way back to her Queens, New York, apartment from work at 3am by a serial rapist and murderer. According to newspaper accounts, the attack lasted for at least a half an hour during which time Genovese screamed and pleaded for help. The murderer attacked Genovese and stabbed her, then fled the scene after attracting the attention of a neighbor. The killer then returned ten minutes later and finished the assault. Newspaper reports after Genovese's death claimed that 38 witnesses watched the stabbings and failed to intervene or even contact the police until after the attacker fled and Genovese had died. This led to widespread public attention, and many editorials.

    According to an article published in American Psychologist in 2007, the original story of Genovese's murder was exaggerated by the media. Specifically, there were not 38 eyewitnesses, the police were contacted at least once during the attack, and many of the bystanders who overheard the attack could not actually see the event. The authors of the article suggest that the story continues to be misrepresented in social psychology textbooks because it functions as a parable and serves as a dramatic example for students.[17]

    Stanley Milgram hypothesized that the bystanders′ callous behavior was caused by the strategies they had adopted in daily life to cope with information overload. This idea has been supported to varying degrees by empirical research.[18]
  18. This reminds me of a day when my boyfriend was working in Victoria. This summer, some time in august, just when shit was reeaallyy starting to be dry as pepper, He saw a bunch of smoke rising from some bushes..he got a little closer, (still in his vehicle, on the road, in the middle of traffic) and there were flames coming out of the bushes! THE BUSHES WERE ATTATCHED TO A HOUSING COMPLEX!!!!! There were at least 20 people milling around and fairly heavy traffic, and NOONE NOTICED!!! Finally, after pulling off the road and calling the fire station, some kid came out of his house inside the complex and was like "holy eff!" and grabbed a garden hose. Luckily as soon as Dylan called emergency, he could hear sirens roaring up behind him right after he told them. I don't understand how such a "humble" city can be so ignorant...We're definetly not like that only 45 mins away!!!
  19. i know right? who hasn't watched somone get raped?*sarcasm*

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