Had liquid acid for the first time last night...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Fatjack4391, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Yeah, so my last night was crazy as hell. So I call up my friend for some doses and he can get some ones that come in liquid form, so we're like sure.

    They go 9 a pop and me and my friend buy 5, I get 3 and he gets 2. The thing is at first they came on gummies so they were dropped onto them. At first I was skeptic, but after a few hours I was completely loving it, definitely the hardest I've tripped ever.

    So the whole thing was that I ended up with like 10 other people who were tripping balls, except one person who was just drunk as fuck. We basically ended up walking around the area where we all hang out, which is like a no-cop zone.

    All in all crazy ass fucking night with one near-cop experience but we got off clean so it was all good.

    But yeah, I love acid, and those drops were fucking awesome, just thought I'd share that with the city.
  2. ya i love acid, last time i tripped it was on a bunch of teddy graham bears. it was kinda weak but we were in NYC tripping so that alone made it awesome. the other times were amazing. basically said LSD is fucking amazing:rolleyes:
  3. nice, sounds fun. I havent done lsd since the middle of summer, but ill hopefully be getting some this weekend at a festival. :D

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