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Had heart surgery and I smoke weed, risks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Alright, besides risks of simply smoking (which I plan to stop), I would like to know if these are high risks or not.

    As I've smoked quite a few times I can say that this is what happens to me after smoking:

    As soon as I start feeling the effects my heart starts racing from its usual 70-90bpm (varies a lot from day to day) to somewhere between 130-160bpm.

    That lasts 10 minutes and then it slows down to 110-130bpm.

    Depending on my resting heart rate that day it goes upper or lower.

    When I get to those ~120 bpm I usually stay there until the high either disappears or starts to wear off, but sometimes my high stays 2-3h and the 120bpm only last the first hour, meaning my heart rate is almost normal for the rest of the high.

    Before I first tried weed at April (3 months from now) my resting heart rate was somewhere between 75bpm.

    After trying weed my first time was not very pleasant and I've had a quicker heart rate at resting until today or so, at 90bpm on average.

    However today I'm at 68 or so right now, pretty low for me so I have some questions:

    Maybe the weed is making my heart "work" and it's as if I was doing exercise (but only exercising the heart)?

    Does anyone have experienced his resting heart rate go down after smoking weed for a while (if so, it could even help me).

    And the last thing:

    When you eat edibles, the high lasts longer, 5-8h, if I ate some weed edibles, would I be at a high heart rate for all that time (that can't be good even for healthy people, it's like non-stop exercise for 5-8h)?

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  2. I would as myself if getting high is really worth the risk. Personally I would stop smoking period.

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  3. I would "ask" myself. Typo above

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  4. What does your heart surgeon think?
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  5. The thing is, it is as if I started running (where I get 160bpm or so) and ten minutes later I just did some low exercise.

    I mean, my heart is working the same way so, let's say I did that everyday, went running fast 10 minutes then doing basic exercise for 50 min, that would be as risky as smoking a joint a day (which I don't do though).

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  6. As a medical professional, I will advise ANY PERSON to avoid giving advice on anything that should undergo medical review by a physician. Always consult YOUR healthcare professional

    Much love to your health and the GC community!
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  7. I can't see him until... January or so, and I started smoking occasionally (once a month, maybe a week, I may smoke twice a week then be 2 without smoking) 3 months ago.

    I'm afraid that he will say is bad for me because of it being an illegal drug and not because it is specifically dangerous for me.

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  8. Do you have any heart knowledge by any chance?

    As I said, I'm not seeing my doc until January and that's a pretty long time.

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  9. I add my heart rate info from yesterday when I smoked so you can see that I went down from ~160bpm to 130bpm in 10 min and you can see my heart rate today's went down. (Usually it' been between 80-90bpm so now it's pretty good).


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  10. I just dunno the details of your particular case, too many variables to have any knowledge really :/ In a normal patient marijuana has shown to increase cardiac output, therefore raising BP and pulse. This does not cause damage, and some studies show it may be beneficial.

  11. don't think anyone on here is really qualified to answer you man since no one had a real degree in medicine and even if one did each person's health is case by case and different everytime....try vaping...more importantly find a strain that gets along with you....some will not...some will...just gotta keep trying....until you find one...I'd stick with heavy indicas and or heavy sátivas can lean too much one way....

    good luck and keep us posted

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  12. Your doc will most likely not mention the illegality of least not as a primary concern. They typically want what's best for you and doctor patient confidentiality is a BIG deal. So I would ask him. I'm sure you've asked le google as well.

    I equate weed with sexual activities. Can either "kill" you? No, but if you have pre-existing heart conditions, they can both be incredibly risky. Neither will DIRECTLY kill you, but contributing factors are always something to think about.

    That said...I've had my heart rate read at 130-150 on two separate reads and my anxiety was through the roof. Smoked (paranoid that it would drive it higher...but willing to take the risk) and measured again and it was at a healthy 90. Was baffling, because at other times it's drastically increased it.

    So really...what do you do? Do you roll over and die? Not doing any exercise, not having any THC, not loving a woman and let death eventually consume you anyway or Just LIVE.

    Exercise "could" cause an unsafe spike, or long term it could make your heart healthy enough to survive. Same with THC. Same with Sex.

    Do I think THC causes an extremely unsafe spike for people with heart conditions. NO. Even having looked at the evidence, it's still a crap shoot. THC is an impossible to predict wild card and only you can decide whether it's safe to play it.

    Apologies for my non answer and totally not giving you an answer. I've had waaaaaaaay too much coffee far too late at night. There's really no way to tell. I think, you just gotta listen to your body and make the best decision you can make. ONLY YOU know your body better than anyone else. your SPECIFIC body...recommendations of a doctor could add 10 years to your life or lose you 10 years. Who it a risk? Yep...but risk is life.

    ***In conclusion, to be on the safe side, I'd switch to edibles so that you can be sure each dose is specifically measured and only smoke as a last resort. I don't think you can really gamble with different strains/tolerance/poorly measured bowls. A certain dose of THC every time will make it far easier to play the experiment because you have a "controlled" variable. There aren't a whole lot of instances where someone could have been "cured" if they would have only had more THC. A little goes a long way and I think less is more in this instance.

    Listen to your body/spirit.

    Tl;dr...probably for the best.
  13. I could give you full details, but being short:

    I've had surgery several times (first to solve my problems and the others to change the valve when it was necessary)
    Last time I had surgery was 2 years ago.

    I can have a normal life, I can do exercise without doing too much that I feel bad, can have sex (that speeds up your heart also haha), can fly (pressure is involved there) and I bet I can go and jump into a rollercoaster (I could before my last surgery but as I don't like rollercoasters I haven't asked my doc the last time I saw him).

    As I told you, I get 10 minutes of high bpm ~150 and then 50m-120m of ~120bpm.

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