Had Charlotte web seeds intercepted by the USDA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by LashDog, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Are the Feds going to be knocking on my door?

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  2. Did they send you a notice?
  3. Yes just stating they intercepted

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  4. Wow that sucks.
  5. Confirm, please;
  6. U S department of agriculture
  7. No
  8. If they were going to do a sting for a few seeds do you think they would essentially warn you with a confiscation notice? Say you bought like 10000 seeds then you would have been taken into custody by local cops with no warning but that's even only if they had you basically dead to rights depending on what state you live in..
  9. But if you bought 10000 seeds in 1 shipment that's just stupid... you'll never get pinched for seeds in the mail..
  10. I did not know that it was in the purvey of the USDA to inspect mail.
  11. It's not the usda that inspects the mail, its customs... the usda is the United states department of agriculture, any kind of agricultural product being imported falls under the jurisdiction of the usda.

    Customs is simply a inspection agency, the decisions on what to do with the inspected packages are up to whatever departments jurisdiction it falls under.. seeds are agriculture.
  12. Thank you.
  13. No you’re fine. It’s an agriculture grab. Seeds can be sold for “novelty “ purposes.
    Popping them is the illegal part, depending on your state of course.
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  14. Just customs pretty much saying "caught you trying to pull a sneaky there."
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