Had an epiphany and changed my college major.

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  1. So one magical night I was at my friend B's birthday party and my good friend Molly was right there with me and this really special girl E that I met. ;) Anyways, the night turned out to be one of the greatest nights of my life and I did ALOT of thinking about my life and the direction it was going. I started thinking about the future and how I could possibly translate my college experience into cash flow in the future. That's where I found a problem, I couldn't possibly think of anything I'd like to do that a Bachelor's in English would enable me to do to in order to make a living. Then I started thinking about how I currently get income, cannabis is my main source of income (don't ask how/why) and I also work at Taco Bell. I started to fully realize how uninterested I've become in all of my schooling and decided that I would change things right then and there.

    One of the people at the party is currently a student in the agricultural field and was telling me about her friend who was a horticulture major who was interning for credit in California at a marijuana growing facility. This set off fireworks in my head! Plants are something that I've been fascinated by ever since I started smoking cannabis. Even non-psychoactive plants fascinate me with their biology and the intricacies that go into growing them such as specific nutrients required, light cycles, what type of fertilizer/NPK ratio, etc. This lead me to decide right then and there to change my major to Horticulture as it's something that I can see myself being truly happy with in the long term, unlike English.

    Now my major is Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences with a concentration in Horticulture. I'm doing the program for students who one day wish to open their own businesses. If I'm going to grow plants for a living, cannabis is certainly going to be one of them. Cannabis isn't going to become any more illegal and to be perfectly honest I'm comfortable growing it even though it is illegal. I feel as though I have the sense to excel regardless of where I decide to start my crop. However, I have always wanted to live in California, not for my whole life, but at least for a bit to see what it's like. I hope that with my knowledge that I already have and hopefully will acquire at a rapid rate that I can translate my college experience to a boatload of cash in the upcoming "cannabis industry." I'm so incredibly excited for the future when before I was fearful. This experience happened two months ago and now I have officially switched my major, done a good amount of horticultural reading, and am beginning to look for jobs and internships at local plant nurseries so I can quit Taco Bell asap. (I like to have a real job too)

    I apologize if I seem pompous or up my own ass, I assure you I'm not I'm just really excited about my life now. I feel as though that night changed my life forever as E is now my girlfriend who I love and I finally have direction for the remainder of my life. (granted I'm only 19)

    p.s. We don't hang out with Molly too often. Any more than once in a month and she turns into a bitch the next day :p
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  2. All I can say is do whatever you want man, fuck working 6 days a week like a robot for some shitty corporation.. :smoke:
  3. i remember my first roll
  4. It wasn't my first time dude. I've actually abused it a bit in the past. I used to do it like every weekend at shows and such but now I've slowed down alot. It wasn't solely because I was with Molly that I decided to do this. My conclusion was reached as a result of my own thoughts and experiences, my friend, Mollly, simply acted as a catalyst for rapid change in my life.
  5. that molly sounds like such a great girl
  6. I think I know a girl named E... Was her name Erica by any chance?????
  7. No sorry her name is Emily. For confidentiality reasons I won't divulge more than that. She's my girlfriend.
  8. Frankly, anything is better than an English major. :)

  9. Yeah just tell my sister that.
  10. is E a real person or "e"
  11. Yeah I'm sorry for the confusion E=my girlfriend, I was trying to be confidential. It is not a reference.
  12. So you went to a rave? or you sat at home strung out on ecstasy? thats great...
  13. People don't understand privacy and being discrete on here...
  14. i swear i thought he was on molly and beans and that he was basin talkin about it was his girlfriend now hahaha but bro I actually think about this alot to for mainly the same reasons
  15. Gaaaaaah for the LAST time the one letter abbreviations in the OP are people who exist. I was at my friend B's (another girl) birthday party at her apartment, not a rave and not strung out at home (to the dumbass who commented that). E is an actual person who is now my girlfriend. Molly on the other hand is a person who's existence might be called into question. Most of us were hanging out with Molly that night it was sort of a love fest with "cuddle puddles," lots of drawing, coloring, body painting, good music, kissing, etc. It was an intimate gathering with close friends. The type that would allow realizations like the one I had to come to the surface. Any variation in my state of mind was simply a catalyst for change, it wasn't that alone that implanted the thought in my head.

    I could tell even before all of this stuff happened to me that it would be an important and special night. I had two goals for the experience; to find a more defined direction in life and to take a girl (E specifically because I had seen her at my work a couple days before) back to my place. I achieved both, now two months later I am working hard toward the goals I decided that night and am still happily together with E, my girlfriend, a real person. Jesus H. Christ I didn't realize I was being so unclear.
  16. thats my bad. Sounds like a sweet night man.
  17. I hope your good at sciences OP. I'm a natural resources management major and a lot of my classes overlap with those of ppl in horticulture. That shit ain't easy man.
  18. I'm good in sciences like Chemistry and Biology but terrible in sciences like Physics. I know it will be more difficult but I'm not too worried about it I've heard first hand from other people in the major at the school that there isn't even a big workload it's more important to pay attention in class and make sure you don't miss any. I have extreme motivation to do this. The only thing that I'm worried about is that I have a required Math class that I have to take that's like Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. I'll have to bust ass in that course.
  19. I didn't have to do a whole lot of thinking to choose a degree that isn't worthless.

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