Had a Talk with my Mom and Grandma Yesterday...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zero Cool, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Well, on the 15th I got caught high as hell and upon searching my room, my mom found my bong, small bowl and around a quarter ounce of absolute dank shit. After her and my dad talking to me about it for a couple of days, they've realized that I'm not gonna stop and they can't really control me anymore now that I'm 18. So yesterday my grandparents came over to visit and when it was only my grandma, my mom and me, they decided to talk to me about drugs. It was mainly just me listening to their bullshit on how weed apparently ruins your life and makes you brain dead after years of using it (I've been using it for 4 years now, going into my senior year of high school and I got like a 3 GPA) Then my grandma decides to tell me that ALL of my aunts are pot users and my moms cousins are, too. They all live normal lives besides one who smokes like a quarter ounce a day and can't maintain a normal life anymore. But the main point is that now I can't look at my family anymore the same. Sure, I use it too and I don't look down on users of bud, but my whole life I've lived with them telling me how drugs are bad and I had no idea that they used, too. They've just completely changed in my eyes now... Anyone else have this happen to you?
  2. Im pretty sure if my parents ever found out i was smoking pot with a 3.0 gpa they would jsut me like okay he is responsible enough to take care of what matters and still have fun so let him be, its not harming him.
  3. almost half my family smokes (uncles,grandfather,cousins) and it just makes holidays better.

    they tell you stuff like that because that is what "good" parents are supposed to do.
    sure my dad told me that "drugs" are bad.
    but he still smokes regularly and i know this now.
    he never told me because that isnt something you tell your children.

    im going to tell my kids drugs are bad.
    but im not going to tell them i smoke pot all the time until they are older.
  4. So you see your family different because they're hypocrites? That's what I'm getting from your post.

    Nothin wrong with that, they are, shame on them. Keep tokin' !

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