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Had a suprise sesh with random stoners

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FuckCuomo, Jan 13, 2014.

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    This Friday I was skiing at Holiday Valley, a local ski resort. I love to smoke and ski at the same time, it combines my two favorite activites.
    I have a dedicated smoke spot, in a thick pine forest, at the end of a closed crosscountry ski trail. So anyways, on Friday I met up with a friend, and headed over to the spot. 
    As we're walking towards the spot I see a flashlight where the spot is and I'm sketched out  :confused: . I yell "hello?", and after a 30 second pause I hear another voice yell back "hey." and nothing after.
    I said fuck it, and walked over. Ended up seshing with some other random stoners :bongin:  it was a really chill experience. Ended up seeing the same guys later on, waved hello. It was a nice feeling knowing that theres fellow smokers out on the trails
    Anyone else have an experience like this?

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    It happens alot actually... like almost regularly... only had that happen once though at my smoke spot at Kirkwood though.. went to this "ditch of doom" side trail where then i can get access to one of my spots. And well whadda know. Two stoners with obviously dank (cuz it was really smelly) get all sketched and dip.

    lol i sat down right where they were and started hitting my pipe. Lol thought it was kinda hilarious... especially when they turned around and saw that. So i waved and yelled wanna match? So then we got realllly high.

    edit but im into boarding now.. used to ski. You try both??
  3. On the Appalachian trail I met a group of stoners. It was really cool to be able to meet up and smoke with some random dudes on the trail for a bit. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. I was considering snowboarding, but I'm already great at skiing, and don't want to start over again. Also I don't want to drag down my friends. We've had new snowboarders enter our ski/board group and we've been forced to ditch them. I feel bad but when you have to wait at the bottom of a hill 10 minutes after every run you're left with little choice
  6. That sounds pretty chill, I might hike the Appalachian trail I was looking into it. Not the entire thing, maybe from Conneticut to the end in Maine and back. Must've been serene to smoke up in the mountains, in nature
  7. I wish I had mountains and could ski where I live...
  8. Where do you live?
  9. Louisiana xD
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    Oh wow that sucks, I mean if you get bored you could always read the bible and go gator hunting instead
  11. Lol I accept your hilarious stereotypical jokes but my family originally moved down here from the north. Im atheist and I have never hunted a day in my life. How about you go smoke legal weed faggot
  12. I hope you get that last joke and notice that I am complimenting the north xD
  13. Haha I wish it was legal weed man, maybe one day, or when I move
  14. Yep similar stuff has happend to me.  You meet some of the best people that way. 
  15. Love finding other stoners randomly :) I once went on a weekend holiday with my parents, to a beach resort thing, the cottages were right on the beach, was awesome. But I thought it would be a boring weekend. Well i was wrong. Met a bunch of stoners on the beach later that night when I went out for a toke after my parents had gone to bed. Turns out one of their dads had this huge mansion a few hundred metres down the beachfront. SO spent the whole weekend high and drunk. I actually knew one of the people as well, both our parents belonged to the same motorbike club.  fun times. 
  16. Dude holiday valley in elitcotville NY????
  17. This happened just recently on New Years Day. I was chillin @ the beach with my cousin and we were fiening 4 a smoke but the car was too far away (about 15 minute walk 2 get there).

    So it was pretty full @ the beach and somehow I managed 2 c a girl and her friend rolling a joint in the distance. It was only natural that I went over to them and spark a conversation. Turned out that they were chill girls and we ended up chillin with them 4 a good hour just smoking and chatting. It was a good afternoon well spent @ the beach. The weed was also good too!! On my 5th drag I could feel an overwhelming sensation of deep relaxation and euphoria. That was a very chilled session, probably one of the best smoke seshes iv had in a while, considering they were complete strangers.

    "Everything is better when u are high"
  18. Yeah dude
  19. Probably was with one of my homies haha I ride there from time to time
  20. I want to get high and go skiing or longboarding but I feel like I would bust my ass since I have never done either.

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