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Had a really bad experience last night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by savageshooter, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Just made an account here because I am looking to see if someone has had a similar experience to me. I used to smoke a couple times a week but this was about 2 years ago. I hadn't smoked at all since then. Last night at around midnight my friend came over with his gravity bong and I took 2 really big hits. He left right after that and I started to feel it immediately. I was really restless and hyper and was pacing around my apartment trying to find something to do. I could not sit still or concentrate on one thing at a time. My mind was racing. I was aware that I was really messed up too. I finally laid down on my bed and started watching baseball on tv. I remember laughing non-stop and then I fell into a dream-like state and dreamt that I went out to my living room to lay on the couch.
    When I woke up from this dream, I was actually laying on the couch. This is when I started to freak out and knew that something wasn't right because it was something I never felt before. I was convinced that I was tripping. My heart started racing and beating so loud and I could hear it inside me and I could barely feel my body anymore. At this point, it felt like my mind and body were no longer connected and that I had no more control over what my body was doing.  I immediately thought the weed was laced with something so I called my friend up and told him to come back over. When he came back, I saw that he was fine and I gave him my phone and car keys and told him that I was going to lay down on my bed and try to sleep but I needed him to stay and watch me for a little bit to make sure I didn't do anything crazy because I kept thinking that I was going to get in my car and drive somewhere. I think at one point, I also was thinking about calling 911.
    I laid down and got into more of a relaxed and less paranoid state but I kept thinking that this was going to last forever and that I would never go back to normal. I would lay there and have these crazy dreams that seemed like they were lasting hours but I would wake up and look at my watch and see that only 10 minutes have passed. My friend was watching Lord of the Rings on TV and it felt like I kept fading in and out. Sometimes, all I would hear was the bass from subwoofer while other times I could actually hear what was going on in the movie. My mouth got so dry and everytime I swallowed, it felt like my throat was closing up. I would drink some water and immediately my mouth would be dry again. Another weird thing was that it seemed like I kept forgetting to breathe. I finally fell asleep and woke up at around 5 this morning feeling like I was starting to regain control of myself again. I went back to bed and finally got up a few hours later. I am feeling a lot better now. I'm not anxious or paranoid, just feel really tired and still a little out of it. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? Did I just have a panic/ anxiety attack or was I tripping? I've never done any hallucinogens before so I don't really know what "tripping" feels like. Friend said I just got really high and that it was not as bad as I probably thought. If anyone could chime in, I would really appreciate it.

  2. "ill have what he's having!" jk....but yeah ive had times when my heart/chest would feel strange then i start to think im dying or its laced, then i start putting ice cubes on my wrists to cool down like my big time tokin brother showed me 9which isnt really a thing, but its his thing to chill when he buggin' out) and all those are just the weedy paranoia driven effects. If you remember to chill and enjoy with a clear mindset the weed will be your muse and deliver you teh good feelings  :smoking:  :smoke:
    and i hate cottonmouth drink hot or cold water/tea/whatever to fight it. i always forget to take a sip every now and then it gets bad ....I JUST REMEMBERED TO WATER MY DOPE PLANT HE'S BOILING IN THE NEW ENGLAND HEAT OH MY GAWD, byebye! I hope i helped in one way or another  :bolt:
  3. Yeah. Kinda sounds you just got really really high and weren't expecting it thus freaked a little. 
  4. Classic green out. You'd just never been really high before ;)
  5. In my opinion theres 2 levels of high depending on how much you've been smoking
    1. The giggling, little radial blurry vision, slightly strange feelings, food tasted better, dryer mouth
    2. You feel like you are in an other dimension where everything you knew, felt is different, and every thought you think seems like you've been searching them for all of your life. Vision messed up, you feel like you are watching from behind your eyes. you cant concentrate longer than 3 secs. now that means you are STONED af.
  6. The dry mouth syndrome is a dead giveaway that it was good weed.  
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like I must have been pretty stoned.
  8. Cottonmouth says absolutely nothing about the quality. I have had bud that wouldnt even get you high, yet it would give you cottonmouth. And ive had some of the best that never even gave me cottonmouth.
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    OK, let me rephrase that: It is a good indication that when your mouth is dry, whether you're high or not, that it's real weed.  
    It's been my experience that the less you have to smoke, the less dry your mouth gets.  A full joint of anything usually requires a drink of liquid.   But, this is only my experience.   
    I have smoked countless times, and I only once remember having something that may have contained some other drug besides weed, many years ago.  But, this feeling was made worse because it was a joint I'd bought in the street from a stranger, and I might have been paranoid.  In any case, nothing lasting came out of it.  
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    I have been reading about these kind of reactions a lot lately. I have always tripped out or had a bad experience with other un-mentionables, including alcohol. A part of me wants to laugh at people that trip out, because quite frankly, I never have....not on weed. Weed was and still is, the 1 medication that I can handle.
      But yes, I witnessed somebody have an "alergic reaction" to pot. That person took 3 hits off a pipe. Then she said that it was too hot indoors and stated that she needed to go outside. She walked over to the door, and WHAM!... fell right on her ass. I asked what was wrong. She stared up at the doorkob, and with a slurry voice said "I was trying to open the door so I could go outside and get some air." That's when I knew this girl was trippen from the pot! She could not  even walk or stand up! She started trippen so badly, that my friend got scared and dialed 911 and had her transported to the emergency room at the local hospital. She is fine now.....but what an experience! I guess some people really do trip out on weed.
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    You're fine...You managed to type that wall of text pretty well and elaborate.
    Sounds to me like you were first time high, and forgot that you smoked so were trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with you. LOL
    EDIT: Grammar
  12. You smoked a good sativa.
  13. Your just fine. I can vividly remember those days and am quite envious in some fashion of your experience. It may freak you out a little but that's the worst that will happen,
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  14. I mean this is somewhat common, not as extreme of a case but definitely common. You're tolerance was low and you got really really stoned, probably some good stuff. Just take it easy with the big rips next time and you'll be fine
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    This exactly. I alot of smokers never achieve crazy, super-highs usually because of their tolerance or possibily the quality of the bud they're smoking. Many people just get to that standard level of high, I.E., couch lock, absent-mindedness, laughing, hunger, etc.
    But if you have a really low tolerance, have really good quality herb, and smoke a lot, you can get to a super-crazy level of high. It gets to the point where time feels distorted and you can even feel like you are "outside" of your self. The best way I can describe it is it that it feels like you are talking a backseat to what you are doing, and then randomly jump to the front seat leading to wierd "WTF just happened" moments. Quite frankly, it's awesome.
    You just got super high bro and freaked yourself out.
  16. This.8/
  17. A few things-
    1) You don't HAVE to smoke. I see a lot of posts that say "I had a bad experience! What's wrong? What do I do!?" .... What do you do? Don't smoke weed. It's optional. If you don't like it, don't do it. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you if you don't like herb - a lot of people don't like it. Don't freak out, it might just not be your thing ;)
    2) A lot of people call this a "green out" - basically if you're not used to herb (either you've never had it or you haven't had it in a long time) and you suddenly have a LOT, you can have a pretty freaky experience... It's not laced with anything, you haven't been poisoned, you're not crazy... You just got very stoned and weren't prepared for it.
    Hopefully this will ease your mind. I love herb, it's a wonderful thing. I'm happy to have it in my life and I'm certainly an advocate for it. That being said, this happened to me once - I had a several month long t-break (6-9 month range I think), and my brother and sister-in-law offered me some. I couldn't resist, so I took a small glass straight pipe, packed it full, and went outside. I thought, "Sure, I got this, I remember you marijuana... my dear old friend", and proceeded to take about 9 hits or so... yeah, that little pipe could hold a crap ton. I went inside to socialize, with plans to take a shower, when suddenly the world went all... wobbly. It was kind of dark in the house, and suddenly, all over the dark areas I could see a haze of colorful "noise". My vision was... off... Everything seemed to trail, like my mind couldn't catch up to where I was looking. My eyes seemed to dart everywhere. I was talking to my brother, I remember him saying, "Good shit, right?". I laughed it off, but really I was beginning to feel kind of terrified. "Was weed really this strong? I don't remember it being this crazy." That's basically what was running through my head. I couldn't even focus enough to take a shower. So I just went to bed. In bed, I was getting crazy closed-eye visuals. Geometric patterns of faint color, combined with vibrations all over my body. If I focused, I began to imagine music that was going along with the vibrations in my body. Not like I could physically hear it, more like music playing in your head when you are remembering a song you like. It was pretty surreal, but also rather frighting. I didn't remember weed doing that. It was scary, and it took me a while to get to sleep. My whole body was a cacophony of sensation. It was thrilling, chilling, and just plain weird.
    Now, I still smoke/vape almost every day, and I've never had an experience like that. It only happened once, and it was after a long t-break and after smoking way too much. Point is, it happens to a lot of us, so don't freak out ;) And if you don't like herb, don't consume it.
  18. Gravity bongs can knock you the fuck out.
    I think the smoke taste stale from them.
  19. Sounds like a good ol' panic attack to me. Quite common, especially if you are an anxious person to begin with. 

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