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Had a panic attack yesterday

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dmart, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Woke up a bit anxious this morning. I mean ive always suffered from anxiety issues. Is it all in my head or whats the deal?

  2. yes its all in your head , you just need to learn how to control your anxiety and think more positively . try and figure out what might be causing you to worry and work your way up from there . 
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    should i take a t break
    anxiety is causing me to feel nausious
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    Logically speaking, a T break is to lower your tolerance. So, are you looking for a stronger effect after your panic attack? I'd assume not.
    You may just need a plain old break from smoking herb if that's what triggered your attack, or contributed to it. Sometimes a break helps. So will decreasing caffeine intake. Working out. Meditating and breathing.
    If it gets bad, don't be afraid to talk to a doctor. People here will tell you to stay away from all doctors. But the reality is every one is different, and sometimes anxiety meds can and do help people. No one is exactly the same, so what works for you may not be what worked for someone else. Just don't rule out any possibility until you give it a go.
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    it wasnt directly from that. Ive suffered from, panic attks for a long time. I have genralized anxiety and for some reason  I hyper focus on shit that i think hurt. So i looked something up and it said heart attack syptoms and Idk why I believed it and in shock I had tons of addrennaline and almost fainted. Felt like I was passing out it was pretty scarry a nd it happened at the gym. Luckuly my buddy was there and he was with me when it happened. 
    When ever I have a stressful time or almost stressful I wake up verry stressed. No idea if its caused by cannabis or ive always been like this
  6. Go see a doctor man. Clearly you have questions about your anxiety. Going to the doctor and having him tell you are physically healthy goes a long way in shutting down the negative thoughts you may have from self diagnosis. Stay away from Web MD. Lol...
  7. This. My gf has the same symptoms as you and one day it was so bad we had to go to the hospital. She got scanned and all that shit and she was healthy as a horse. It really gave her peace of mind. I also read that panic attacks are like exercise for your heart decreasing the chance of a heart attack
  8. Does she ever feel nausious in the morning
  9. Not unusually sick or anything but I get that way in the morning too because I dont eat. A lot of your symptoms have very simple causes but when your in the panic zone its a bit hard to tgink that way. Its good to have a friend or family member you can call that can rationalize things for you.
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    I went to the rest room and puked but nothing came out. I just kept gagging. I think this is in my head. feelsbad. I havent even smoked today
  11. Does weed make it better or worse? My gf went from smoking several grams a day with me to taking one or two hits and getting uncomfortably stoned because she did unmentionable by herself once. You plan on going to the doctor?
  12. Weed usually fixes my anxiety. Idk what was up with yesterday. Im waiting a hour or until Im ready to smoke. I think im fine. Im pretty healthy so nothing should be wrong
  13. Right on then. Idk how available weed is where you are but try to get your hands on some indica cuz a good sativa bud even gets my anxiety up a bit
  14. its a new strain I got yesterday. Do you think its the strain? its maui wowi and ive never had that strain b4
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    Anxiety is not a problem. Anxiety is a survival instinct. Too much anxiety. Now theres a problem...
  16. Dude maui wowie is like sativa as shit haha I would not be surprised if thats what caused it
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    You could be onto something but ive had sativas before and dont think this has everhappened
  18. Nothing to worry about, you would know all about it if you were taking a heart attack, not from a personal experience but I know someone who has and either:

    A: You black out quickly, possibly die if its really bad

    B: Rediculous pains around your body chest, can't breathe so could, feel sick nauseous and faint all at once.

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  19. What he says ^ Heavy Sativa strains are more likely to case anxiety or panic compared to the Indica Body stoned

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