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had a major panic attack the other day

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Juggalo610, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. It wasn't fun I was driving from school and had to pull over then got the cops called on me cuz the people at this hair salon got suspecious after they gave me water (bet cuz I'm black). I'm not currently smoking till I get my harvest even though I smoked a small bowl 2 weeks ago. I got a little bit of weed from my last buy 2 months ago, will I be ok to smoke tonight? Are my smoking days over?
  2. You will be fine I had a major panic attack at blooming dales full of rich people my mom was worried she knew that I had done but glad i was alright 2 days I smoked again and I was perfectly fine you'll be alright too
  3. Idk man its like my body is rejecting weed now cuz every time I try to smoke I don't feel too right or I feel a panic attack coming on then I get bald spots in the neck region of my beard idk its probably just me. I'm growing my own shit cuz I really don't trust the black market anymore

  4. Lol. Dude, thats harmless anxiety used to happen to me.. I used to overthink it so much I'd smoke like .2 and start having a panic attack. I fixed it by forcing myself to smoke little by little and immediately get your mind active. If you feel an anxiety attack coming on just realize that "ok im feeling anxious, it harmless ad will pass" the important thing is to not fight it. :smoke: Hope that helped a lil. I also find coming on Grasscity helps, being around more level headed people helps me get back to their level.
  5. If it helps when you feel it coming on just tell yourself everything it's gonna be safe breath drink water and try to calm yourself down remind yourself that weed is safe it helps me prevent these attacks
  6. Yeah it's really just a mental game of how you deal with anxiety. Plus the setting your in seems to contribute a lot.
  7. pa 610? i live in downingtown, you?
  8. Panic attacks are all in your head bro, you're just scaring yourself.
  9. i'm in Chester

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