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had a epifany. thoughts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by liner, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So we say that humans only use a very small portion of our brain. One theory is that if we could tap into the unused portion of our brain we would be capable of things unimaginable. I started thinking one day, what if being thc helps tap into that excess brain power. You have heightened senses, you taste more texture, hear more layers in music, feel things more and easier. Your aware of your surroundings a ton more, at least I am. Not paranoid but I can catch flys like riding a bike. I can hear people have conversation ad they walk by my apartment, normally I can't hear shit through the walls.

    Now, the second part to this crazy thought I had is the justification of being high or retardedly fucked up.

    Our brains aren't used to having these heightened senses so it is overwhelming to us. For claridivation, I mean our brain from the evolutionary standpoint and not our body having a tolerance or being used to it. but that's why when your high you get tired, eventually, and all that.

    So crazy ramblings of a pyschosomatic outcast? Probably.

  2. I disagree. I remember seeing a special on why thc makes people feel more creative when high and it had to do with altering connections in the brain between nerve points or something. I don't think being high lets you tap into more of your brain. If it did that we'd all be geniuses when high and let me tell you, we aren't.
  3. eh, i get what you are saying but I don't think that is what happens. Maybe when you trip on acid, you open the rest of brainpower and are able to see in a different dimension? basically saying the same thing
  4. damn i have the same view... like weed anc shrooms and lsd and shit open up your brsin to newer senses and shit, that way we can see other shit..... but who knows... i wonder what we will know and see when we use all 100% of our brain... i can only imagine...
  5. That is actually a myth, we use all of our brains.
  6. Haha yea I know this isn't actually possible or how things work. But its always fun to hypothysize about crazy stuff haha

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