had a crazy dream last night

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    I was alone walking through Washington D.C., there was a strong smell of sulfur and gunpowder in in the air and I could hear weapons fire in the distance. As I looked around, the sky was a deep blood red with patches of black clouds, the trees where barren and splintered, and the ground was a dead field accented with craters and black scorched soil. I walked along the Potomac River, After seeing a couple of dead soldiers drift down the blood streaked river, I turned and saw the the Washington Monument, the broken top half was laying in the reflecting pool, the Jefferson memorial had parts blown off from explosions, and the steps to the Lincoln memorial trickled with blood. As I'm taking all this in I feel the despair of my surroundings, and keep thinking about how "the war" isn't going well and I have a feeling of extreme betrayal. I'm looking in the reflecting pool and a man in a tattered suit and tie sprints up to me and says "Mr. President(WTF?!), we lost New York City" I asked what he was talking about, and he tells me to follow him.
    Now I'm standing in a briefing room looking at a screen that shows Manhattan with a mushroom cloud rising in the background. In the bottom corner of the screen, the date is displayed 1/3/2043, I see my reflection when I look down, I looked like I was 90, I wasn't shocked by this for some reason. I look at a General and just said "Kiev". I look back to the screen and see an unfamiliar skyline disappear under an enormous fireball. The screen goes blank for a second and a person who seems identical to me, but at the same time is also my exact opposite (very hard to explain) appears on screen and screams in a strong Russian accent "YOU MURDERED 1 MILLION OF MY PEOPLES"
    I respond you murdered 15 million of mine, I retaliated.
    he says "you are a conquered people, we have soldiers in DC"
    I respond "yeah, I've seen them, they're floating down the Potomac, say hi to my nephew for me, he should be right outside the Kremlin, helping bust the door down for the Marines"
    He's too pissed off to get a word in
    I say "no more nuclear attacks, the survival human race transcends the differences we fight over"
    I wake up before he responds
    also apparently NATO disbanded at the start of my administration.

    this was probably caused by a combination of dehydration, current events, sleeping in a hotel, 3 day long smoke out before, severe insomnia(I only got 45 min. of sleep that night, the dream happened around 6:30 A.m.), riding in a car all day and listening to The Wall (whole album) 3 times that day.

    anyways that was the most vivid and disturbing dream I had in a long time
  2. That's the gnarliest fuckin dream I've ever heard of.:eek::D

  3. It was so vivid, it is the only dream I remember using all 5 senses in. Why couldn't I have dreamt this vividly about being the only guy in a 10 way?

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