Had a bad shroom trip last night

Discussion in 'General' started by what65, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. I just feel like writing this down.

    Anyways at first it was cool and I was laughing and hallucinating a lot. I was sitting at my computer and when I looked at the floor it looked like it was raised to my waste. Text on my computer was moving around and changing colors etc. If I looked at my hand it would pulse/breathe. It was really chill. Also if I crawled on the floor it felt like I was swimming. Then I decided to just lay down in the dark and think about stuff. This is where it went downhill. Basically I felt a part of my bed covers and I was thinking the strangest stuff. I forgot I was tripping, I didn't know what life was about, I was trying to remember who I was but I couldn't. Then when I peaked I basically just had one long closed eye hallucination that I couldnt break. I thought the most fucked up cryptic shit you could imagine. I just couldn't get back to reality. Then finally I started coming down. Now everything just seemed far away and if I looked at my hand it would change shape but I knew who I was and I just stared at the clock begging myself to fall asleep.

    Probably the scariest part was I went to bed at 12:00 and I got a hold on reality at 4:00 and I had changed my clothes (taken off my sweatshirt and pants and socks) and my fan was knocked over and my shelf was open but I cannot remember doing any of that so I was afraid I did something weird and my parents or someone saw because I had no idea what happened.

    Anyways I'm pretty shaken up. It was only 2 1/2 grams too
  2. Wow, that sounds really intense. Sucks for you, man. I've never gone bad on shrooms before but i did 6 grams a while ago and almost went bad, but after i puked it was pure awesome.

  3. jajajajaja i had shrooms for the last 2 / 3 days. 3 days ago i took 2.4grams after not taking any for 6 months. it started with me typing on the forums. and everything started tiltin sideways, felt pretty bad. since then i had a nausiated feeling with each trippy part. atleast for me and some other not fat people shrooms gives like slight stomach pains and nausea. so i felt pretty sick the whole time but it was managable and omfg was my trip awsome!!

    i know i was trippin for the first time wen i look at the moon and it had a werid glow.
    i was playing gears 2 when i realized that i could play because my elbow joint felt sooooo long from the elbow to te fingertips. next my character on gears turned into huge pixels. im not talking about like ones you would see on youtube, im talking about like 1 cm cubes on every fucking character. next i looked into a mirror that was right infront of me/tv. my head and body started alternating sizes, this looked so fucking jokes. next i started seeing random colors that werent there or were ephasized in a different way. this part was also pretty fun. i got kinda hot and sweaty so i stripped down to my boxers and undershirt. my pupils were huge and eyes were glossy. the fun part went away after like 1 and hour and then i just felt good and went to the park and chilled. i came up with 1000 life real important realizes that are so fucking true it blows my mind. i always think of very intelligent shit and one of the things i thought of this trip was that alot of problems that are so big are just caused by something so small in there life that is actually seems insignificant wont mention everything. second day after sleeping for 6 hours and not eating breakfest i ate 2.0 grams on an empty stomach and had a grand total of ZERO visuals with just the stomach nausea i get wit shrooms. so first trip awsome, 2nd trip = fuck not being able to get high 2 days in a row piece of shit waste of money shrooms and anticipation of a trip to get nothing, felt like ass.

    next time i get shrooms im eating 5-10 grams no joke, make the most of it. shrooms are zeeeeeeeeee besssssst.

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