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Hacky Sack?

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  1. I know all true stoners enjoy to hack every now and then, or atleast used to. I always carry a hacky sack around in my pocket just incase the chance to ever start up a game arrives. I find that lots of people like to atleast try, even if they're not good, or havent done it before. It's just a fun, simplistic (in concept) activity, thats easy to socialize with. College campus areas are the best for games. I just literally have to take one out and kick it once to get someone who wants to join in. I've met lots of people who just wanted to join in a game with my friends and i, and we'd just chat while kicking it around.

    So, who here enjoys a game of hacky sack?
  2. It is indeed a fun game. But I myself am not good at it. My freind is damn good, he does some crazy moves when he is high too. :D

    One time me and a few freinds were at the mall on a Friday night and we were having a smoke outside, and my freind started to kick one around. All of a sudden like 2 - 3 kids just join in, and a crowd of people were watching, cause they were all pretty good.

    If im hanging out with my freinds, we sometimes just kick the sack around, for fun and for laughs.
  3. hackysack is one of the greatest time wasters ever
    i usually play hackysack at lunch with some friends
    we play a game called slap where you have to hit the hack 3 times then slap it at someone and if it hits them above the knee they lose a life
  4. yeah, i play the same game sometimes, but we call it joust...
  5. I love the hack. I used to suck horribly but I'm getting better.
  6. i love hacky sack almost as much as i love mary jane. it is one of the greatest games of all time. and since i cannot smoke right now, i play a lot of hack. i also always carry a hack in my pocket at all times, in fact it goes in the same pile as my wallet, keys, and cell phone. kids in my area also play a game like "slap" or "joust" but we do 5 kicks and then you have to kick it at someone, so its a little tougher. we call it kick pelt.
  7. i suck at hacky sack.......more power to you that can do all that kickin and flippin and shit....lol.........
  8. yeah we play the same game often times, except we call it...HACK ATTACK! I play it with a lot of non stoners so sometimes it actually gets comeptitive and the hack can get slapped pretty fast and it hurts sometimes, especially if you get a dreaded facial:)(hit in the face with the hack)
  9. i looove my hackey sack ..unfortuantely my dog ate mine awhile ago ... :\
  10. Hacking is a great past time. It is conventional and simple, that way anyone can do it. You don't have to have to be a seasoned pro to have fun. While it's fun to poke insults at those who have never done it before, it's all in good fun. I am pretty good at it. Have played it since gradeschool. Fun stuff it is.
  11. Love it...just love it. And you can bring it anywhere. All you need is a little space to play. I even play during our soundchecks. Specially drum soundcheck's fuckin boring
  12. How can you not like Hacky Sacks?
  13. Ya, me and my friends always play hack. Especially that game where you kick it at someone after the 3rd hit. We call it "pig" here. Whoever gets 3 letters is the pig and we all laugh at them haha, its fun.

    Even better though is when you have an even number of people(6 is best) and we play a game called "team pig" or "line pig" where its a 3v3 team game. There is a line in the middle(usually a crack in the cement) that the other team cannot cross. Rules are that it has to go across the line at least once and you can kick it at someone on the 3rd hit. If it hits anybody on the other team that team gets a letter. Its great because you can set up your teammates for some really good hits.

    Really fun game to play after a nice session.
  14. If you have no legs? have a life long fear of all things "sac-like"?
  15. im pretty damn good at hackin the sac...i always lose them or they bust open though

  16. There was this kid at my high school in a wheel chair. He is paralized from the waist down. He still played. lol He could only use the back of his hands, no palms, and can only hit it up, not down or forward. Kinda funny to see at first, but kinda cool too. Man, that kid could roll a mean blunt. :)
  17. ^
    theres inspiration for us all ;)

    hey, whats the best stuff to make hacky sacks out of? i've always just had the conventional synthetic beads in mine, but i know the old schoolers used dirt and whatnot. Sand also works.. whats everyones preferences?
  18. i got a hack made out of chainmail at the medieval fair and it was filled with corn
    another one is filled with tiny beads that feel almost like jelly inside the hack
    and my other hack is filled with BBs and beads

  19. ive played that, except that on the third hit everyone tries to grab it and then chuck it each other.......VERY hard to do while high;)
  20. i have been working on a new trick called a jesterstall
    it is where the hack is coming down and i raise my left leg over the falling hack then stall it on the inside of my right foot
    it is very hard to land but i can almost get it
    if you ever seen someone do a jester or flying clipper trick it is similar to that except with a stall

    can anybody else do any cool tricks?

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