Hacky Sack! (or footbag for pros)

Discussion in 'General' started by tokinbud420, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. i love hacky sack..i just started doin it about a week ago but im already pretty-ish good

    right now i have a shitty pellet filled one with a peace sign but hopefuly today im gettin

    one like this..not same colors or anything but its a sandbag..those who play know why these kick ass

  2. Sandbags are dope, jus dont play kicks
    (god whatever you wanna call it) with em cause they cant take the abuse.
  3. Hell yeah! Definitely my favorite game/sport to play high. I used to play in 8th grade every day during lunch, but that was about 7 or 8 years ago. I just started playing again recently, and I still have all my skills. In fact, I'm better than I was back then.
  4. wow i would've thought this would be a lot more popular on a stoner website:(
  5. I always attributed hacky sack to the weirdos at lunch during high school with all their black clothing and weird shit.. but then again, I was an asshole in high school, and some of those guys were probably pretty cool stoners if I had bothered to get to know anyone like that.

    But i suck dick at hacky sack.

  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Your post is awesome.

    I used to play in high school. Every lunch I'd be out there playing god with my friends. Ah that was fun. I play pretty rarely these days though.
  7. Hacky sack pro stepping in. I play hacky every day and I think Im really good at it, me and my friends always get really high bust out the sac and pull off crazy moves.

    The sand masters are better than the bead ones though.
  8. Yeah I dig hack, haven't played in a while & I need to cop me a sandmaster but yeah...shit's fun.
  9. hell yea man..how long you been hackin for?

    and just a question do you know what stores would sell sandbags?

    im trying to get one today but idk where would sell any:eek:
  10. 58 views and not one of you knows where to get a sand filled hacky sack?

    (at a store not online)

    im thinking EMS and sports authority but i have a feeling they'll only have the bead ones:mad:
  11. I got one at a Zumiez once; oh how I despise that wretched place.
  12. hhahah sry i crack up at the fact that a store named itself "zumiez"

    yea we dont have one of those in my town..can ya think of anywhere else?

  13. I got a rasta one at wal-mart. You could try there, or go to your towns mall if you have one.

    Hackin since the 6th grade :)
  14. i used to play every day during break in high school.
  15. is the rasta one you got at wal-mart a sand or bead filled?
  16. i finally got a sand bag:smoking:

    i like the colors too

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  17. Lots of sports places carry Jesters and Sandmaster sand bags.

    Hack is like a post-bowl ritual, man. :smoking:
  18. I have a sandmaster that I bought from zumies.

    They are legit.

    I play every day with myy friends. I like to think that I'm pretty good haha
  19. Back in high school I completed 100 hits in a row, including plenty of tricks to make it legit.
  20. I love to play hackey sac. I have a sand master bag, I stole from a dunhams, those things are way too expensive! But hackey sac is so fun because it is a great way to meet people.

    I can do all kinds of stalls, like on my neck or my signature move "Shit in the woods"

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