Hacky Sack/ Footbag

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by RanciD-K, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Anyone around GC just absolutely LOVE playing Hack Sack/Footbag after they blaze.
    It's basically all my friends and I do.. they go so well together! not to mention I play 100x better then when I'm high.
  2. I've only played it a couple of times, it's not particularly popular in the UK, at least not around here / with the people I know.

    I found it pretty difficult, but I can certainly see how it would be fun, I just don't have the motivation to get better at it alone I don't think, perhaps if me and a friend were to play together I might be more inclined to continue.

    Still, I'll definitely give it a shot anytime the opportunity arises.
  3. haha yeah that shits way fun. All the tricks and stalls and shit.
  4. fuck yeah!! ive been playing a lot since i recently started, as you know lol
    --this is gianluca btw
  5. hacky sack is awesome i love it. What games do u guys play with it? me and my friends play numbers which, the first person has to hit it once. second person hits it twice. and so on, u get two chances to get your number. Also we play four square which was alot of fun.
  6. me and my friends used to play haha
  7. yeah there is another thread on this lol...we either just keep it up or play kill, which after a certain amount of hits, you try to hit another person in the circle and if they get hit and don't keep it up they're out, it's pretty fun.
  8. Hell yeah! I never really thought to play it before but a month or two ago a friend and I were real blazed and wanted to try it, been doin' it since. :D Still suck at it, but oh well.

    Average when dry, better while high, and absolute shit when drunk. :mad:

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