hacking your brain

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  1. That is sick, i am going to have to try a few of those

  2. for sure man, i cant wait to try the sun one where you wave your hand back and forth, i think i actually have experienced this before, one of the most incredible experiences of my life. But tommorow im going to wal mart to buy a ping pong ball and a red light. (not mentioned in that article but ive read that a red light shone on you aids in the experiment).

  3. Here, I'll save you some time:

  4. yea dude, im definitally tryin the ping pong ball one some time.

  5. Dude, totally. I've actually experienced some of those, rofl. Far out, man!
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    I used to do the sun one when I was little. Id look at the sun, then go somewhere dark and close my eyes, and its a bunch of colorful crazy stuff. Can still do it without light though, just not as intense. Turn off all the lights, and close your eyes, and focus on the darkness behind your eyelids. Eventually you start to see the same thing.

    Its like out of an alien/advanced technology/organism movie lol. I think doing it too often as a kid made my eyesight poorer =/
  7. Nice read, interesting stuff to think about, I used to do some werid things like that when i was a child but now only when i'm shroomin good lol

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  8. this is insane thanks for the share!
  9. When I was younger I would press my fingers in to my eyes and after awhile I would start traveling thought space and dark cave-tunnles(still do it sometimes), anyways I try the ping-pong shit....... It's fucking sweet.:smoking:
  10. dude i always when i like puit my head down like when im at the computer my eyes always see crazy colors and like its a weird ass fucking movie shit thing, im so baked, good read :D
  11. Don't worry, any haxors tring to log into brain LIVE will automaticly be detected and shut down by microsoft. Fuck cheaters man.
  12. Will they get banned?

  13. For life. Unless they spend £40 on a new subscrption.
  14. gonna git me sum pingpong balls lol
  15. lol....

    I tried this like a month ago when someone posted it in Pandora's box and it didn't really do anything.

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