hackey sack

Discussion in 'General' started by Hubert, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. anyone here play sack. i just started but i am gettin better. any tips? what kind of tricks can u do? some of my friends can do some preatty crazy shit.
  2. I suck at hackey sack
  3. I like to play a little of the sac myself. I'm pretty good as far as the group of my people go, but I have no idea of how good I am compared to others. I've done a mirage symposium several times. I would much rather juggle a soccer ball though.
  4. I hack around a little. I started 3 or 4 years ago and play on and off every once in a while. I actually started playing again last week. My tip is just to keep playing. The more you play the better you get. And sometimes it's better to stop playing for a little while. If you get frustrated, it's much harder to hack.
  5. hacking is fun when baked. haha
  6. i haven't hacked in quite a while, i probably suck now, i wasn't great back when i used to play alot but i could hold my own.

    1111th post
  7. I know alotta ppl who do, they're more punk rockers where im more into rap tho, hackey sack never really moved onto rap yet :p lol
  8. hellyeah dude, I love hack. I'm not too good, nobody in my circle is either, but we play because it's fun. A hack will go anywhere with you, ride in any pocket, and create instant fun. I usually carry one on me like a piece of armor, I feel naked without it.

    When I do a toe stall, I feel like a pro :D
  9. haha ya he is good at the toe stall its nice i seen it
  10. one small question... What the hell are you talking about?
  11. i do it every day really at school. good fun fun. switch its kicking around a little sack filled with beads. well anway its funn stuff
  12. Never could hack. Love watching though.
  13. haha..... my home boys play that game all the time, its like a ritual when their high and playing, they get all serious about it, and get all pissed when they lose... its fun to watch when im blazed though....
  14. yeah its great, but i hate being all blazedand constantly having to reach down to pick it up..
  15. Whats with stoners and hackey sack?
    No one can do hackey sack when high... but all my friends try
  16. forgive my lack of knowledge, but even from reading all that i still havnt got a clue what hackey sack is....

    wtf r u all talking about?!???
  17. a hackey sack is a little cloth ball with seeds or plastic beads in them

    some people like to stand in a circle and kick it around without it touching the ground

    it's fun to watch, hard to do

  18. same here. I can make 'em, But cant Use 'em.:)

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