Hackers hit Blackberry over police help (UK)

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    I am appalled by this situation. The hackers are threatening blackberry by releasing sensitive info should they help the police with the rioters. This is just fucking retarded. I'm all for abolishing the government, and taking down the system, but in a PEACEFUL WAY! Not the way it's being done in england. Team loserpoison is being retarded. They are actively encouraging a riot which has cost TONS AND TONS of damage, and will continue to cause damage. They are fucking retards. I don't care what Team Poison says about the attacks on the government and police. They are violent, and non peaceful and are absolutely contradictory to the cause if they even have one. You can't start a revolution using violence, you absolutely can't because the people that arise from that revolution will be just as bad as the people in power before.

    These people are complete idiots, and are anarchists.
    I absolutely encourage rim 100% with providing the info to the police, and I am not one to encourage this.. However they should go about this in a certain way, and only turn over info which explicitly talks about rioting (as in being involved and coordinating attacks.

    BBC News - England riots: Hackers hit Blackberry over police help

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