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  1. I'm going to tell you how to easilly take recorded programs from you're DVR on to you're computer. This is a relativlly easy process and will save you from ever having to buy DVDs.

    Things you'll need:

    A screw Driver
    An IDE to USB connector with power cable(5 to 20$)
    PVR Explorer Pro

    Now all you have to do is remove the HDD from the DVR, plug the HDD in to to computer with the IDE to USB adapter, plug in the power source that comes with the adapter, Open up PVR explorer and chose the show's and movies you want to rip. Easy as that.

    Note: If you're DVR has a USB hub on it you may be able to plug it in to that and bypass having to buy the USB to IDE adapter. This doesn't work with mine though.
  2. That's cool, i might try this out sometime :) +rep
  3. No problem! thanks!
  4. Nice i gotta try this...
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  5. Thanks. lol.
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    This works flawlessly! Thanks! I was able to put All my seasons of Weeds and Entourage on DVD! BIG BIG THANKS!

    Big +rep gurl!

    Edit: I also plugged it in while running my linux and it showed up as a Linux Drive, its partition into a couple parts, three from what I can remember, Only one of the partitions has the recordings on it.
  7. Why wouldn't you just download stuff right to your computer. Shit I don't even have cable anymore big waste of money.
  8. Torrents .
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    Actually, yours was the best post so far to solve my PVR copy problem.

    Thanks again!
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    I bet YOU'RE a real joy at parties.:rolleyes:[/quote]

    A 4 year old thread at that lol. This is some good information though.

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