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habblaaa habblaaa baaa hablaaa

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D9_THC, May 8, 2003.

  1. well, my PC died. and now all my files are gone *cries*

    so now i am going to smoke a supersize phatty J. i haven't smoked in 2 months due to lack of $$$

    so i think i'll be gettin ripped eh?

    actually, I just had a little pipe so i'm feelin baked already *oooooh*


  3. haha kewl! u will get pretty high since your tolerance is very low!:)
  4. Wow....D9, that really sucks...and of course I remember you!!!
  5. hell yeah I remember you, welcome back :)

    if only my tolerance were so low right now....

    aw yeah
  6. I don't remember you, but are you sure all your files are gone? If your puter fries you can still stick the hard drive in another computer and save your files before you wipe the hard drive. Was it a virus or a hardware problem? If it's just hardware then you can always replace the hardware with the same thing and continue like nothing happened.
  7. Big YAHOOZ to Hempress and the Hare!!


    and about my PC.. if I can remember right now :p

    i was playing UltimaOnline (online roleplaying game for those who aren't in the *know*) and it started to go really slowand laggy.
    so i closed the game and it was like that on my whole pc
    and then it came upwitha message saying "cannot locate file c:\windows\desktop"

    which obviously is bad

    and i rebooted. and everything was gone. just like that.

    i say it was a logic bomb

    and, yes, i am a geek for knowing what one of those is

    damn i'm so high 0_o

    EDIT---- And yahooz to ZIA!

    I missed all the blades here. And HEY to the new peeps i don't know!
  8. good to see you back....and yeah i remember you as out.......Sid
  9. theres nothing wrong with being a geek. I'm very much a geek. Right now I'm wearing a shirt that says "There's no place like"
  10. hey... i remember you. welcome back man. good to see ya. sucks about the computer though.

    LMAO@ the wang... he's got a shirt with an IP addy on it :D
  11. and not just any ip either. It's a specific one that non geeks wouldn't know or care about. Not even all geeks know, and I try to figure where they've been all their lives to be geeks who don't know
  12. hey D9... how could anyone forget you, with a name like that and an Av like that.... and you posted some well cool stuff in the past.

    maybe this isnt the best time to tell you that i have a Sony DVD writer that does -R, +R -RW & +RW (and CDR & RW of course)... hehe, just wanted to brag. :p

  13. hell yes, i gotta pick me up one of those... fuckin sweet dude

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