Habbit Forming Activity?

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  1. Alright so heres the deal... i've been insuffalating an ADHD medication known as Focalin XR. The feeling to me is great and mildly euphoric, with the added slight "motavation" that some people get from ADD and ADHD meds. I have also taken the pill orally numerous times, but i prefer the insuffaltion method due to its quicker entry into the body and its slight euphoric effects.

    But... i think i may have a problem, i have been using focalin for about 2 months. The normal doese pills i have been getting are the Focallin XR 20 mg pills and tend to use em' up quite rapidly. I think i may have an habbit forming, what should i do? As far as chemistry wise, i know the pills are made up of the dexmethylphenidate which i think is about 2 times as powerful as the methylphenidate found in ritalin.
  2. If you are in a position to do so, seek out a councellor or support group. Or if they'll be understanding, your parents, relatives, roommates, or friends.
    This is the first step, even before stopping. You will need help and support. You want someone who will be understanding but firm about helping.
    In either case, INFORM YOUR DOCTOR. You may need to be checked for severe, life-threatening complications from this drug. Large doses or large extended doses can cause seizure, embolisms, and brain damage. Be sure you will survive to recover, first.

    Second, you will want to reduce your addictive position. Do this by first limiting to ONLY the prescribed dose, no more. After a week or two of tolerating this, cease insufflation and take it orally as intended once again. This may be difficult, you MUST resist temptation to reuse. After that, you can either continue using the medication as prescribed, or if your doctor reccomends a different or no drug, cease use entirely.

    Most doctors are understanding of addiction, and will cycle you across different drugs every few weeks to reduce dependancy. Most people will find that even with similar classifications of drugs, changing them around reduces the addiction. For example, my doctors had me going around in a cycle with dilaudid, morphine, vicoden, and lortabs (weaning me, but they're reversing to permanent lortabs and maybe vicoden if the lortabs keep making me as sick as they are)

    If quitting is very hard, consider rehab. This is usually covered by insurance, medicaid, and/or medicare if it's a drug you were prescribed by a doctor.

    The best thing to remember is that you can win. Posting here was the first step.
    The second is to get help, someone to watch and protect you.
    The third is to quit, in a non-traumatic way, if possible. Cold-turkey is not easy, and is the main cause for re-occurance.
    Distract yourself. Try to find friends to be there as often as possible. The less you're alone the less you'll want to abuse a substance.
    Boredom, beleive it or not, is a leading cause for substance abuse. Invest in a new game, sport, hobby, or make new friends. The internet is a wealth of time-wastes. =D

    And feel free to contact me. I've kicked more habits (and harder habits) than most ever should.
    Alcoholism, and smoking.
  3. Almost anything you enjoy doing on a regular basis can become habit forming - the only advice I can really give you would be to stop.

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