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  1. Hi,
    I have the da buddha and I really want to love it, but it simply isn't working out. Could be im using it wrong, but it's my first vape experience and when i ordered it a desktop option sounded awsome, but the reality is its more fiddly than a noob like me would like, plus i do not get on with set up and pack up as well as id like.
    Now, i am looking for a dry herb pen vaporizor (small portable discreet) thats great value for money, as like everybody else my ass is broke. Have been pouring over reviews but on one site a pen will look great and in another it gets trashed.
    Help this poor lost lazy soul.
  2. go to fuckcombustion dot com (not supposed to post links) find the da buda thread and ask all your questions there.

    good luck.
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  3. What problems are you experiencing with DB?
    Get it hot, turn it down, don't overpack (airflow is necessary for vapes), Give it a wa wa suck (milkshake) it lets a chamber heat and release over and over., watch inhale speed. Slower is hotter (that heat chamber), stir (that pick is a godsend) Sometime you have to pull up heating element to top)
    What does your duff (used material) look like?
    Find you sweet spot (best hits) start lower than that and turn up after a few until no vapor.
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  4. Arizer air/solo are good portables

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