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Ha, not complaining .. just wondering.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by packabowl, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. I smoke a lot :smoking: ...... everyday. I know i need to cutdown :p ... but back to the topic. I've been smoking a lot and noticed that my lungs haven't really been affected much. When i use to smoke cigarettes only, my lungs were pretty fucked. I quit smoking stogeys for a while now .. and my lungs have been fine. I smoke a lot of bud .. everyday .. but my lungs have not seem to been affected in anyway. * knock on wood * Maybe, my lungs are fucked up but I'm just not noticing effects ? No phlem, no extra mucus, no wheezing, etc. Unlike when i smoked cigarettes where i always had constant problems with my lungs. I use to smoke maybe 5 cigarettes a day. The only problem i still encounter with herb is shortness in breath sometimes ( when jogging or etc ..) I was just wondering if anyone's lungs are actually fucked up .. or if smoking bud is actually causing them big problems, which i know can't be many people .. because the herb is healthy ... not entirely healthy .. but i believe has more good effects than bad ones.

    Oh yeah .. and mj hasn't really affected my brain either :] .. only while im stoned.

    P.s - I'm still new and only posted around 6+ times, and I'M HIGH DURING ALL OF EM. including now :D
  2. Ya me too, my lungs are pretty good for a daily toker. I credit my health to all the working out + jogging I do almost as much as a smoke... naw I smoke more. Heh maybe its the bud we smoke? It could be because of the bud we smoke too.. Some may be harder on the lungs then others while how much we smoke depends on the potency.. Well cheers to good lungs for the most part!
  3. man thinking on this i really want to get a vape :(
  4. yeah, i really want a vape too.
  5. 3 j's = 1 pack of ciggs is what I've heard. dunno.

    It's likely you're not going to notice anything for a good number of years, IMO. I smoked a pack a day and smoked pot daily up until this month. I've cut back to no weed and 10 cigs a day and notice no difference. Damage is being done, we just aren't noticing.
  6. That's not true, it's just more gay ass anti-MJ propaganda. I don't give a fuck what you say, you can straight chain smoke weed all your life and won't get lung cancer (it's POSSIBLE with the dirty mexican schwag because I don't know what kind of pesticides and whatnot are in that shit). Like many of you know, marijuana smoke effects the abundant lung tissue (could never be enough to cause serious problems) as opposed to cigarettes which effect a very specific part of your lungs. So, naturally, you can quickly develop cancer in this small, continually effected, area. You should never have the same effects on your lungs from smoking MJ as you would from corporate tobacco except for shortness of breath.
  7. The three j's thing isn't true? I don't doubt that, just what I've heard.

    BUT, I didn't mention cancer. I was just saying smoke hurts lungs. You can deff develope a cough from too much pot smoking, for example. Cancer from just pot.. nah.
  8. bringing smoke into your lungs will cause some problems, cheeva is no different. Don't get me wrong i love herb but i know its caused a bit of a cough in me but cigarettes have a long range of crazy shit in it that is way more dangerous then MJ so cutting back on cigarettes and sticking with bud is less dangerous then sticking with cigarettes and cutting herb out of the picture. So i'll just keep smoking until i can hardly breath and then i'll use a vape. :smoking:
  9. Try to run a mile, then report back. ;)
  10. Those old studies are so misleading. When you smoke marijuana, your lungs/bronchial tubes expand keeping the carcinogens and other impurities (chemicals created when the bud is actually burnt) from sticking to your lungs. Some of it will of course stay behind, but thc is really the key behind the difference in smoking marijuana or cigarettes. THC keeps you much more healthy. There is no doubt that you will get lung damage from smoking anything, but at the same time the damage you are doing with marijuana is FAR LESS than what you would do with cigarettes. I've known people who do not smoke cigarettes and have smoked all day every day. I think it's either genetics or destiny but they have no health problems at all. The two I'm speaking of now have smoked daily for 25 years (one is 55 the other 49). Bottom line, weed is the safest DRUG to abuse (drugs including alcohol, cigs, herion...whatever), but nothing is 100% safe...

    I have actually posted the chemical makeup of thc and what it does in your body but I can't find the thread to quote myself.
  11. weed doesnt fuck up your lungs like tobacoo does, it actually has the opposite effect. I read it in jack heres book, if you search I'm sure you can find it because he has his book posted on the internet to read.

  12. the way to do it bradda.

    only problem ive noticed with smoking is I need to clear my throat alot, and thats not even all the time.
  13. i definetly cough more than i did before i started smoking, but its only occasionally and not like im hackin up a lung, or anything. the shortness of breath thing doesnt happen to me as much since i started working out more.
  14. WOrkin out definately helps out your lungs if you blaze every day. I run 3-5 miles daily and lift 45 to an hour daily, keep a strict diet and smoke 3-5 bowls a day right now my lungs feel the same as when i was in highschool... working out helps
  15. genetics - 25% are more predisposed to lung cancer... also smoking anything aint good, mj does expand the lungs so is better for u than tobacco and i'd say smoking a combo of tobacco and mj aint doing any good

    Studies have shown though long term 20 a day smokers will live longer if they smoke herb also... :smoke:
  16. when you smoke dank bud, it is healthier because you have more THC and less plant matter, therefore reducing the carcinogens...YAY DANK
  17. ive found, that if i smoke even 1 ciggarete... any running at all is fucking hard for the whole day... but i can blaze as much ganja as i want, and i dont really notice any effects when running or working out, etc. etc.

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