HA! Most awkward thing ever!

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  1. So yesterday evening i smoked a fat blunt and then went online to video chat with my bud matt, who doesnt smoke [hes cool with it tho]. anyway, also in the video chat is his friend taylor who lives in canada [irrelevant]. taylor is kind of a whore and is very hot, and has sent matt "erotic" pictures of herself via email or aim or something, and a coupla months ago, he sent them to me after he made me swear i wouldnt show them to anyone else or talk about them. anyway, us 3 are video chatting, and this girl taylor, shes a huge bitch, right, and im blazed as fuck, and i kind of forget that im video chatting. i get super horny, so i drop my pants and start jerking off to the pictures. i forget that theyre there and can see me, and im really getting into it. the funniest part is, when i was climaxing, i started to realise they were there, but i didnt care at that point [in for a penny, in for a pound]. and to top it all off, without realising she was right there, i say to my friend matt "dude, those pictures of that whore are REALLY hot. sure did do the trick." then i look up at the video chat window and i see taylor with this disgusted shocked look and matt just facepalming. shit was EPIC.
  2. hahahahahahahaha well at least she knows how u feel about her
  3. haha get her to come here and get with her. or give me her sn.
  4. haha oh my god that's awkward! that's like when i was 16 and i thought i had the house to myself because my parents were dropping my sister off at school early for a play and i started playing a porno and jerking it with the volume on max and in reality only my dad drove her to school and my mom was just sleeping in the next room... +rep for that making my day with it's hilariousness.
  5. goddamnit you are my hero man
  6. you jacked off in a video chat while your friend and someone else watched? holy shit how weird/perverted are you..
  7. funniest thing i read allday +rep
  8. thats fucking hilarious +rep
  9. haha i was so high i didnt even realise they were there cause i had there volume thing kinda low cause i was originally listening to music. i was actually kinda pissed because they let me go on like that for a while without saying anything
  10. wow.... just wow
  11. "He's making... ORGASM FACES!":eek:
  12. PICS or it didn't happen!

    Fucking HILARIOUS!
  13. Dude, that is fucking WIN! I'm laughin hard as hell right now.

  14. lmao i hope your kidding


    I seriously cant beleive that shit!!

    Thank God for creating weed, without which we'd never have these stories...

  16. no shit they were probably too stunned and thought you were kidding.

    did they see ur dick?
  17. Yo, post pics of the girl, let's judge if they were worth jerking off in public.
  18. Wow...what was your desk setup like? Could they see your dick or was that all under-desk?
  19. wow, you officialy a asshole/douchebag/pervert.

  20. i have 4 buddies laughing their asses off right now next to me haha. congrats for not giving a fuck man! :hello:

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