Ha Ha NYC Mayor.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stevieponiczz, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Well I dont think many people in NYC are impressed with the new mayor, Mike Bloomberg.(I know i aint..$6.50 for a pack of smokes under his new tax!!!) Granted he stepped into office at a very hard time for this city.

    Well i dont know the entire story only from what I saw on the 10 o clock news last night. Apparently he told a news reporter he had smoked Marijuana in past and he "loved it". So now his quotes are being used by NORML and in other legalization ads. But the thing is he doesnt support legalization "The laws are still gonna be enforced as they always have been" One of the random citizens they interviewed on the subject made a good quote. "Theres something not right here..its ok for our political leaders to smoke marijuana but then they crack down on us for doing it?"

    Theres probably more on norml.org about it but the site isnt working for me at the moment.
  2. ahhh the hypocracy of it all...some of the cops who arrest weeders smoke themselves....
  3. one time in ny i was smoking a joint and a cop ask if he can have a hit. IF II SAID NO HE MIGHT HAVE LOCK ME UP SO I JUST SAID YEAH BUT I THOUGHT HE WAS JOKING THEN HE TOOK A HIT. a cop is the best person i smoked with to this day
  4. i can't say mich-but i'm sure after what happened, the new mayor can't really replace rudy gulianni-but ya know-cigs are bad. I smoke me when i drink- so i cant say much-but spend your money on weed-it a better investment. lol

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