HA HA HA! my dad just did the funniest thing

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    ok, so I'm in my room, and im taking a big rip off a bong. I walk in to the kitchen to get some water and my dad is standing there making coffee. I look down and hes wearing blue jeans, and then what looks like white pants underneath them. I can see the 2nd waste band of the white pants sticking up over the top of the waste band of the jeans so its like, really obvious.

    ME: "Yo dad, are you wearing 2 pairs of pants"
    HIM: looks down and goes"........yeah, there shorts under hear" (like diki type shorts)
    ME: start bursting up lauging cuz im so fuckin high.
    HIM: "I'ts not THAT funny"
    ME: still laughing "WHY are you wearing a pair of shorts under your jeans?"
    HIM : "Because these jeans are too big and the shorts keep them up."
    ME: "I guess i just thought it was funnier then it really was because i just took a bong rip... whatever floats your boat"(still laughing)

    but come on... wouldnt you laugh if you walked out to get something and saw your dad wearing 2 pairs of pants? damn im blazed:smoke:
  2. No I probably wouldn't, seeing as he was wearing a pair of shorts and not another pair of jeans... I wear shorts under my jeans sometimes too, for the exact reason your father stated.
  3. Should have passed him the bong... you both could have had a good laugh

    Father-son-bonding over a bong rip

    Shall we recall it father-son-bonging?

  4. I have smoked weed with my dad every single day for the past 5 months
  5. I fail to see the funny. I wear pajamas and pants because its cold outside. Sometimes I'll wear pajams dickies and jeans altogether.
  6. Well secured pants are not a laughing matter.
  7. Whatever people, this dude was blazed...AHAHAHAH FUCKIN TWO PAIRS OF PANTS?!?! CRAZY!!!
  8. lawl, but seriously OP, you've never worn shorts under your pants? That's almost all I wear.
  9. i would laugh only because gym shorts under jeans is some serious hood shit, and its ironic that he was doing it for practical purposes

  10. I do this when working in the winter. Pajama bottoms and dickies keep you warm as hell and the shit from welding never burns all the way through to my leg...its nice!

    I used to work with a very large guy who wore shorts under his jeans cause he said underwear just couldnt do the job lol shorts were like an extra pair of boxers.
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  12. Lol how is this funny.

    Kids never seen someone wearing 2 pair of clothing before
    simultaneously? lmao.
  13. How many pairs would he have had to put on before it would become funny?
  14. There appear to be a lot of people here that like to wear 2 pairs of pants.


    I just wear boxers and a single pair of pants. If my pants are a bit too big - I wear a belt.
  15. would've been funnier if he hadn't realized he was wearing two pairs of pants until you pointed it out.

    but, i guess i can see some humour in that situation as well...
  16. laffffffff :smoke:

  17. Well if they are in the kitchen and its not cold then id say 5 jackets is funny...or 5 pairs of jeans.
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    i wear gym shorts under my jeans almost always even if im wearing loose pants like windbreaker type i wear shorts under kinda like i wear a white t shirt under most of my t shirts and NFL jerseys and stuff

  19. thats what i originally thought happened
  20. i know... its errie

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