ha ha, ha haaaaaaaaa ha six weeks!!!

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  1. I just won a six week argument.... About six weeks ago a friend said to me in passing- the doors didn't write light my fire but that another bloke did and he couldnt remember the name. After weeks of us arguing- of about six other people joining in the argument.... Today he tells me that it's Jose Feliciano. So I look on mr Feliciano's one of many fan sites (http://www.fantasticfeliciano.com/biography.html) and I find this:

    "RCA began marketing Feliciano to the English-speaking audiences of England and the U.S. in 1968, when he released his version of the Doors' 1967 hit "Light My Fire.""

  2. High 5 on your win!! lol you're a Bulldog when ya set your mind on something,aren't ya!!! Lmao! :D: :smoking:
  3. Good for you!!!!!!

    But Jose Feliciano writing the doors,, that's the most fucked up thing I ever heard.

  4. Yeah, c'mon man! It took ya 6 weeks?

    Of course everybody knows that Agnes Moorehead (Endora, on the 70's series, Bewitched) wrote "Stairway To Heaven".
  5. From that website:

    "Both the Latin influence in his style and his facility with the acoustic guitar greatly altered the quality of songs that, like "Light My Fire," were originally recorded by rock bands using electric instruments. Of that song, Rock Movers & Shakers explained, "Its slowed-down, sparse acoustic-with-woodwind arrangement and soul-inflected vocal defines Feliciano's style."

    So... THAT'S the dude who did the cheesy version! ;)

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