H2o2 killing seedlings?

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  1. I've successfully grown bag seeds, kushage and sage so I thought I had some idea of what I was doing BUT evidently I was wrong.

    Hydro, T5's, 4 gallon bubble bucket, Tent, gh nutes.

    I've now managed to kill 3 sets of seeds.

    Kill one- Vanilla Kush- Germ ok, then after first true leaves Root Rot killed them all.

    Kill two- Shaman- Germ ok then put into system with too much (I thought) h2o2. They never went past tap root and tap root kind of fell off.

    Kill 3- I honestly don't even fkn remember what seeds cause I'm a lil stressed by now- basically same shit as above.

    Between successful grows and this shit I changed from rock to clay- This shouldn't cause this, right?

    I mixed the h2o2 correctly after the second fk up.

    Please please please! Somebody give me a clue on what I have done to successfully kill all my good seeds.
  2. What hydro system are you running??
    What is the pH and PPM you're giving them???
    Yes, to much h2o2 will kill'em...
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    Thank you for responding. It's a garden of ease. My tap is 170-ish and I ph to 5.5-6.1

    I have 40% h2o2. I have searched and can't find a dilution recipe. Thats what has taken me so long to ask for help. I see tons of questions that are easily found with a little effort and didn't want to be "that guy" (or girl, in my case).

  4. The ONLY dumb question is one not asked.... ;)
    There is a TON people here that LOVE helping the new guys (or girls in your case)...

    Mixing charts for gardening with hydrogen peroxide

    Now that one lists 35%, so maybe cut your mix just a little...
    But again, don't be afraid to ask for help here...

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    Thanks. I'm going to empty and start over.
  6. In regards to the goods seeds / the seeds that germinated, sprouted, grew and died, are all the seeds from the same place? How far along do they get before getting the roots start changing?

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