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  2. That's an oil or vaporizer pipe. If you're going to use combustion on flowers, you're going to need to buy a spoon.
  3. That's what we call and unmentionables pipe.  You could still use it though, throw a bit of bud in it and use you lighter to heat the bottom of the bowl.  It will generate enough heat to create vapor and get you high.  Although if you have never vaped before you may be disappointed. 
    You want a glass spoon.
  4. Dood.... . Thats an ice pipe gtfo with that.
  5. yeah, thats for vaping. you wont be any good trying to vape weed with it though if you have no experience using one.
    just use it like a bowl and find a way to put a metal screen of some sort in the stem. id probably use a ball of tinfoil myself. it wont be the best smoke in the world but it will do you til you buy a new pipe.
  6. dude that's for smoking meth lol
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  8. Get a big screen and form it to fit in the hole on the top and make a bowl out of the screen hanging off the top. Load it up and smoke

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  9. Ask your friend to buy you a $6 spoon at the LHS. Maybe you can afford $10 for thick glass piece and nice design.
    exactly my first thoughts. 
  11. hahahaha the thought of someone using a meth pipe as a vape is great
  12. AHAHAHAH he got you a meth pipe
  13. Haha that's what we call a glowey around here, I've heard that they're pretty decent for oil though.
  14. How to use it?
    Put meth in and hold a lighter underneath :p
    You could use it as a vape pipe maybe? 
  15. ^^ don't forget 10 n 2 hahahah
  16. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who went... Damn bruh, they gave you a meth pipe.

    But yea, I'd take a metal screen and bend the edges to a 95 angle. But only a tiny bit of the edges, then pop it in the top hole.

    But if you are looking for a cheap piece. Me and my homies use to take Gatorade bottles and make a hole where you can slide a shank(stem) down in it. I'd use a metal stem. A metal pen will work if you take it apart. Then I use electrical tape to seal it. And as a bowl... I used all kinds of shit, even wrench sockets. And their goes you a bong...
  17. And if the bowl doesn't fit snuggly you will need to seal it with tape too. Then make another hole to use as a carb.

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