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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by WeedFlows, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Startin ta feel bad no one is answering you here....don't know your grow experience, but I'd keep em quite a bit smaller than 4 feet if you're gonna us that tight little footprint.

    If that is the design you want to run with, you might consider trying to mimic it in some way that separates the containers a little more. You could easily design a basic drip system or flood and drain with similar components and also do it for half the price you are looking at there.

    Not saying you CAN'T, but I personally think you would be happier with something else if you are stuck on growing taller plants (in indoor terms at least).
  2. im currently growing for the 3rd time indoor in a closet pretty big tho....
    I was pretty damn sure that this system is to small....Dont get me wrong but im not that good at DIY (except for the closet it pwns) So id like to buy a system :p
  3. Well, we're just talkin here dude....the important thing is how YOU feel about it.

    I'm looking at it purely and only like this: the 110 cm'ish plants I've grown really needed a good 50 cm diameter minimum to spread out, and a fair amount more really.

    Maybe you could use that setup and do some training, sort of bending each plant outward sort of inline with the corner of the bigger rectangle that is in each plant's little quadrant. If your overall grow space is big enough, that could be made to give the canopies each room enough to spread that they aren't just crammed together mold factories.

    Just a thought. I'm not much up on the manufactured setups, but hopefully someone'll come along that can help ya out. Good luck with it!

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