H bound......wooooooooooooooop

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MS. OXY, May 31, 2009.

  1. My BF just picked up some beautiful black tar and we are going to have the time of our lives smoking that...i could never IV it cause im a baby when it comes to needles.....so just wanted to see how my other blades liked that black stuff...lets hear some experiances and how much you love it....SMOOCHES
  2. I love me some good black tar. Enjoy it miss :)
  3. Ugh, the memories...

    brb, changing underwear ;)
  4. thanks babe anyone else enjoying that black stuff tonight
  5. I wish I were tonight...

    Lucky you.

    Since your not slammin' it, are you guys just vaping?
  6. ya pretty much do any of you guys slam it
  7. There are the couple of dudes who've done it. Do it.

    Whatever time-tense you want to throw at it.
  8. im just scared of needles and my bf wouldnt really like that either but he just got home and were gunna chase that dragon then cuddle all night.....goodnight fellow blades SMOOCH SMOOCH
  9. yup, smoked bout a half gram today.
  10. I aure wish I was with you guys my damned bcka hutrs.I took around 12gms xxnanx so im abit high,oh time to lay,all I can dopretyy much.
  11. Snorted H 3 times. Might try the needle this summer. I hear it's a good feeling :)

  12. you do realize its damn near impossible for a man on H to get a full hard-on? just warnin you, its not because he doesnt love you or anything...
  13. damn u just had to be that guy...
  14. please dont get started....:(
    i meen i dont give a shit i dont know you
    im trying tosave you some heart aches and body aches
    trust me dont end up like these guys and girls lol

  15. Isn't that Meth?

  17. you know there are actual bad things about heroine that you could be adressing instead of just fucking around lol. my opinion is that this girl doesnt know what shes getting into regaurdless of the drugs chosen. god girls do anything their boyfriends want them to do. im curious if the OP even researched on what this shit is

  18. that's pure horseshit. it is however near impossible to reach climax while on H but getting a hardon is gravy.
    don't spread misinformation if you don't know what your talking about.

  19. IV done this before and I know what I'm doing.......I posted a thread I think 2 days ago about how I had my car accident and finally got my oc 40 script so I can prettty much say I know what I'm doing babe

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