H.B. Woodrose and Airports

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    Becoming more and more curious about other drugs besides marijuana psychedelics caught my eye more than any other drug. I have never done shrooms, never dropped acid. My roommate had ordered 40 H.B. Woodrose seeds from online and they came early this week and all week I was forced to wait until the weekend. I put ten seeds into my coffee grinder and pulverized them to a dust. I dumped them out onto a plate, pushed them up into a pile and licked the dust right off the plate chasing it with Pepsi, as the taste was quite horrendous. The taste is indescribable but I found it to be very unpalatable.

    I walked across campus to turn an essay in and saw a friend sitting in the drafting room back in the dorm and sat down with her waiting for it to kick in. My roommate came down and another friend just hanging out. The fabled nausea settled in and instead of a steady upset stomach it came in waves where I would feel like I was about to throw up. Feeling a little different I went to another friends room to hangout and wait some more still not having a plan for the day. We were watching Chowder on Cartoon Network, which is quite an odd show. How kids follow it is no clue, Cartoon Network knows drug use and loves it exists. It’s a beautiful relationship. While watching Chowder the seeds started to kick in and I was having a blast hitting my knee with a Frisbee causing my knee to kick out. Just the simple act of a reflex was enjoyable and entrancing.

    My friend, lets call him Dave, came in and said he was going to leave to go to the airport to pick up a couple of friends, immediately I wanted to go. I wanted to ride the T and experience the city. Doing something that I have done hundreds of times before was suddenly so captivating, just standing on the train, watching buildings move by was so interesting to me. All my friends were sober, intrigued by the drug as I was playing guinea pig. Everyday normal things that I took for granted I found so interesting, just like riding the subway. Once we got off I smelled popcorn and we all agreed we would get it on the way back.

    After we got off the T at the airport stop and before we got on the shuttle bus to Logan International we went up an escalator. I don’t know what it was with it but I had such a good time riding up for and it and the anticipation of it was exciting. It was almost like I had been turned back into a little kid everything new and something to experience. As we got into the airport I was loving the world, I don’t think I stopped smiling once since I had gotten off the subway.

    As we waited Dave’s friends to come the textures of the tiles on the walls caught my attention as well as every aspect of the building was jumping out at me. I don’t know if I was this interesting because I’m an Architecture major or if because I really did find it that interesting. I’d imagine it was a combination but the feeling was glorious. We were in the international arrivals section and hearing all the different languages being spoken and knowing that it meant something to people talking it but nothing to me. I wanted to know and it know more as we climbed onto shuttle bus two African looking men were talking and one was holding a newspaper in a foreign language as the shuttle bus jumped around reading it was a chore but I wanted to know more about it even though I couldn’t read.

    Finally getting back to the popcorn stand I bought two bags, enough for me and my friend to each have our own, little did I know my hunger would sated by half a bag, unusual because I usually have a huge appetite. At first I was simply eating the popcorn but once we got onto the trolley and I was sitting I would examine each piece of popcorn hoping that a piece of salt had gotten stuck in one of the ridges that keeping me entertained.

    Back at the dorm I changed groups of people I was hanging out with and went from a more energetic crowd to a mellower lets just hang out group. I started listening to music and songs that I had never listened to on my Ipod called to me as I searched for didgeridoo tracing missing and hitting Andres Segovia and the Symphony of the Air. I don’t know if it was the piccolo or the hard that caught my attention but it was such an outstanding pleasing song I listened to it 3 times before changing to didgeridoo tracks that I got bored with in minutes. Suddenly remembering I had this video: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAFXayH1bpY"]YouTube - War Photographer Video[/ame] watching it and sharing it with everyone until I ran across a friend with Reeses miniature peanut butter cups. He gave me one and as I put it into my mouth I was suddenly having more fun experiencing the sensation of the rough peanut butter against my gums and tongue than the actual ingestion of it.

    I began to play Warcraft III with some buddies but quickly games that I knew like the back of my hand seemed foreign as I become more interested in looking at the characters and seeing what happened that anything else as the trip started to wear down to its final moments when a sensation that I been feeling as day began to finally annoy me. I had been yawning a lot and the sensation is hard to explain but as you yawn noises become more dulled and muted. This was happening to me as I talked, even when not yawning. Only my voice, it was like there were little fairies in my ears filling them with air screwing up my hearing. Once it began to fade away as the trip did I was relieved and the only scare I had the entire time was gone.

    I had a smile on my face the entire day and at many moments had fun doing simple things that I had taken for granted and hadn’t thought twice about. I noticed a lot more and had an awesome time.

    I recommend this to anyone who has $5 and a day to spare with a place to go adventure and explore. The aforementioned $5 will get you and a friend sufficiently tripping for effects to last 8 hours.

    Thanks for readin’ blades.
  2. Break up the paragraphs a bit, then I'll read lol. I'll go cross-eyed if I even attempt to read that.
  3. Sounds like you had fun. Personally, I enjoy the taste of HBW seeds.
  4. I did take them in a way that amplified the taste. Who knows.

    and bump.
  5. I have no clue as to the conversion to Morning Glory, but this sounds like a very light dose. You didn't hallucinate at all?
  6. LSA in both. And nope, I'm a large man so that might be why. I mean, my vision was not normal, but I was not seeing things.

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